Halls of the Green Robes: Antonia Bayle

Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Guide Croakis, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Guide Croakis Guide

    Coming tomorrow!
    Thursday 5-16:

    1pm pacific in Frostfang Sea... a young coldain has an interest fungus!

    5pm pacific in Antonica... help in choosing a date is needed!!

    More Soon!
  2. Guide Croakis Guide

    Tomorrow 5-23:
    4pm pacific in Lavastorm.. the errr.... "kids" have gotten loose!

    More soon!
  3. Guide Croakis Guide

    Thursday 5-30:
    5pm pacific in Antonica... this lil piggy got lost!!

    That's it for now!
    More Soon!
  4. Guide Croakis Guide

    6-6 Thursday!
    This week... things are heating up in Lavastorm! (groan.... I know)
    Be there 5pm pacific :)

    More hopefully much more.. soon :p
  5. Guide Croakis Guide

    Sorry... the pets will be found in Thundering Steppes... not Lavastorm.. I apologize for the mistake :(
  6. Kinyoubi Guide

    From the Gnomish Developing Booth in the Guild Hall:

    Thanks to the brave dragonsitters! That bunch was hard to handle! :D(Hope I got the names right!)
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  7. Kinyoubi Guide

    Miss Faertoltha gifted Miss Morgie with a compantion doggie, and Miss Morgie named it after the little dragon she had just been dragonsitting! Awwwww!

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  8. Hartay Well-Known Member

    Thats me! :)
  9. Kasumi Member

    I miss Ms. Kinyoubi!!! <3
    I been decoratin' and getting stuff for my panda village and missed out on all these events! I can't miss the next one! Nope, no way! Going to make it no matter what!!
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  10. Guide Croakis Guide

    This Thursday... 5pm pacific in Antonica..
    This lil piggy went........... where?

    More soon!
  11. Hartay Well-Known Member

    So i look for someone named Farmur?
  12. Kinyoubi Guide

    Dese lil piggiez went to Windstalker Village!
    Lookit all dem lil piglets!

  13. Kinyoubi Guide

    Miz Kasumi! :D
    Ai will be around LOTS dis week, so Ai will be lookin fer yoo! <3
  14. Gnaff Active Member

    Have not seen a Kinyoubi in a long time.
  15. Guide Croakis Guide

    This Week!

    Wednesday 6-19 around 8pm pacific in Darklight Woods... an issue of a certain lamp will be the focus...:rolleyes:
    Thursday 6-20 around 5pm pacific in Greater Faydark... an orc bent on revenge needs his spirits (groan) lifted.. :eek: :p

    More Soon!
  16. Kinyoubi Guide

    Ai haz been dere every day since Thursday! Where iz yoo hidin'?? Come an bring yer dancin' panda self to see whut's goin' on! :D
  17. Guide Croakis Guide

    Wednesday 6-19 high noon... an ogre needs help finding his sister in Feerrott!

    More Soon!
  18. Guide Croakis Guide

    Late update!
    Thursday 6-20 in Antonica...around 11am pacific there are fire breathing stories to be told!

    (sorry for the late post!)
    More Soon!
  19. Guide Croakis Guide

    Saturday! 6-22:
    Those daring young gnomes and their flying contraptions will be found in Thundering Steppes starting around 5pm pacific!

    More Soon!
  20. Oalabe New Member

    Guide Croakis,
    Is there any possible way that ye could convince the baby dragons to visit us for some story telling fun? Sometime this week, later in the day after like 1800hrs est.

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