Halls of the Green Robes: Antonia Bayle

Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Guide Croakis, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Guide Croakis Guide

    I stand corrected.. I know what you are talking about.. and again.. watch for an announcement here .....*soon*.. :D
  2. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Yes, Lizabethan was right about me requesting Techgnical Difficulties. Thanks for clarifying this for me *tosses a cupcake to Lizabethan*. Thanks so much for running these events for us :D
  3. Kinyoubi Guide

    Dis waz in da Gnomish Picture Developing Booth in da Hold!
  4. Guide Croakis Guide

    This week!
    4pm pacific in Withered Lands... help is needed for some lost research papers!
    8pm pacific in Antonica.. some sitters are needed for some firebreathing pets...

    More Soon!
  5. Guide Croakis Guide

    Update... the sitters will be needed at 5pm pacific.. not at the 8pm originally thought.. it was decided that was past the baby's bedtimes :D
  6. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Are these events for Thursday, March 28th? If not, which day? Thanks much. Nice picture Kinyoubi...looks like a few of the Orcs need a little work getting their halos on straight :D
  7. Guide Croakis Guide

    Yes.... yes indeed... Knew someone was going to figure it out:p
    Next time I will have to be more sneaky :rolleyes:
  8. Guide Croakis Guide

    This week!
    Wednesday 4-3:
    4pm pacific in Feerrott... an ogre needs help with a missing sister!:eek:
    Thursday 4-4:
    5pm pacific on the Isle of Mara... do you have a clue?!:D

    more coming soon! :rolleyes:
  9. Guide Croakis Guide

    Wednesday 4-10:
    4pm pacific in Antonica... a case of missing pies!
    Rumor has it.. a wolf is to blame :eek:
    More soon! :)
  10. Guide Croakis Guide

    4-11 Thursday:
    11am pacific in Darklight Woods.. time to light the lantern!
    5pm pacific in Greater Faydark.. an orc with a need for revenge will be looking for help!

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  11. Layla Member

    Hi there, I want to extend an ivitation for the guides to come and enjoy a brand new player run roleplay festival! We would love to have you stop by.


    You can find the site here for more information. I am posting up the individual day events in this forum as well! Come and play!
  12. Guide Croakis Guide

    YAY!! Party time!!
    I will be sure to let all the guides on Antonia Bayle know about this!
    Thank you for the invite :)
  13. Guide Croakis Guide

    This Week!
    Wednesday 4-17:
    10am pacific in Enchanted Lands... its story time with our favorite storytellers!

    Thursday 4-18:
    4pm pacific in Commonlands... the orcs are fighting and will be looking for help!
    5pm pacific in Darklight Woods... be on the lookout.. for some crazy shenanigans!

    More Soon!
  14. Guide Croakis Guide

    Thank you for putting this on... I had a great time!
  15. Layla Member

    Glad you guys had fun, thanks for showing up :)
  16. Guide Croakis Guide

    Thursday 4-25:
    10am pacific in Frostfang Sea... a researcher about fungus.........
    4pm pacific in Commonlands the orcs need your help?!
    5pm pacific time for a game of clues... the first mystery being where? (watch for details in the channels!)

    More Soon!
  17. Guide Croakis Guide

    Thursday 5-2:
    5pm pacific in Antonia....... this lil piggy.... went where??

    More Soon! (or when I hear about it :p)
  18. Guide Croakis Guide

    Thursday 5-9:
    5pm pacific in Antonica... be on the lookout for some troublesome pets!

    More soon! (as I hear about it):rolleyes:
  19. Layla Member

    Invitation to the guides, and well everyone! Please join us for the Faydwer Faire on AB Server

  20. Guide Croakis Guide

    I will pass the invite on to the guides... thank you! :)

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