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    Vode An is currently recruiting for several positions:
    • dirge
    • troubador
    We are also looking for extra possible classes of:
    • cleric
    • defiler
    We have currently flawlessly cleared all zones except Vex Thal Challenge Mode. We use a Discord, and a DKP loot system. Our raid days and times are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8-11 pm Eastern.

    Basic minimum stats should be close to:
    • 5525+ resolve
    • 340k+ potency
    • 1Billion HP+
    • Crit Bonus 14k+
    • Fervor 450+
    If you have questions or are interested, please send a message to halls_of_fate.Dezum/ Discord: honey pot#7844, halls_of_fate.Zukko/ Discord: 2ukk0#4694, halls_of_fate.kammelle/Discord: Kammelle#5870, or halls_of_fate.Kythor/ Discord: pixiee#6857.
  2. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    Updated Bump. Still Looking for Folks. :)
  3. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    Updated Bump. Still looking for Folks.