[Halls of Fate] Seekers of Valor

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    :) Currently recruiting new, returning and experienced players - we have a variety of folks available to help you meet your gaming wishes
    :confused: Our Warriors Team has completed current content and is recruiting for fill-in for more Mayong kills - Raid Times are 9am-noon EST Sat and Sun
    :D We also have a afternoon/eve on Mondays at 8pm EST/Saturday 3pm EST looking fo rheals, tanks, bards and PF
    :rolleyes: Soon to be starting a weekly raid for coins for new folks and alts
    :cool: Even if raiding is not your thing - we have some of the most helpful folks in Norrath to enhance your play time and try to run heroic groups at a variety of times
    :) We are looking for more folks to join our team in VoV and beyond
    We help each other have fun and get the mobs dead
    :D message Gizzi#4574 in discord for more info or contact Gizzi, Pebosi or Nanna in game
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