[Halls of Fate] <Seekers of Valor> Are Recruiting!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Borys, May 22, 2023.

  1. Borys New Member

    Seekers of Valor based on the Halls of Fate Server, are recruiting!!

    Friendly casual guild with a progression raid force, nightly heroics and contested runs, plus general helpful folks!

    - Open to all classes and level of player
    - Open to Alts and/or people from other guilds as well
    - Active guild discord
    - We love to make groups, raid, help folks do all types of content.

    Our Warriors raid team is a progressive force that raids Sat/Sun 8am-11am CST
    **Currently Recruiting for raid:**

    We also run a Pick up Raid on Wednesday 7pm Central for weekly raid rewards open to anyone!

    ***Have a main in another guild but want to raid an alt on the weekends?? thats fine too!!***

    Come join the fun
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  2. Eruge New Member

    Hey there! The discord link is expired or invalid, could a new one be generated?
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