Halls of Fate down

Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by Determind, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Determind Active Member

    Just got booted from the Halls of Fate server and it is showing down with only a few of my characters showing on the character list.
  2. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Yup all guildies in vent just got booted from HoF
  3. Kibah New Member

    Same here :(
  4. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

  5. Illeara Active Member

    Glad to know it wasn't just a few friends and I, but this sucks.
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  6. Nastena New Member

    we have been exterminated
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  7. General Kazuma New Member

    well least my character isnt gone i thought my only toon just got magically deleted lol. figured i would check forums and such before calling them and all that. have me a scare though lol
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  8. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    Only character that remained for me on character select was my lone Isle of Refuge character. That server might still be up! The rest died.
  9. Illeara Active Member

    I have all of my characters, but all of them are Offline server (DOWN).
  10. General Kazuma New Member

    lol yeah mine is outright not there at all. go to create new one but it didnt show our server so i was like welp forum time lol
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  11. Jrox Well-Known Member

    I have four toons showing, all of them are deleted toons from over a year ago. /facepalm
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  12. Zyxia Active Member

    Can't get in either - all toons show as LOCKED in red. Wonder if HoF will get back before the server update...
  13. Moonlit_Evening Well-Known Member

    That moment you are about to join a raid after about a year and suddenly get booted :'(
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  14. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    HI! That was with us! :( Maybe next time!
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  15. General Kazuma New Member

    Okerlund! This is Blitzkriegan! :D
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  16. Moonlit_Evening Well-Known Member

    Yeah..maybe next time u.u -was looking forward to it-
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  17. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Yup all toons back now. Showing in red server locked! Was pulling an all-nighter... Still will, but watching movies I guess lol.
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  18. General Kazuma New Member

    i dont have a fancy thing showing my character :( dont know how lol
  19. Moonlit_Evening Well-Known Member

    OMG! Lulz. Seriously xD Hai der
  20. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    HAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D The whole raid is here! All 4 of us! :p

    It was going to be lots of dying! :D
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