Halasian Highland Games! 20-22nd Feb on AB!

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    Friday 20th February

    8:00PM EST Opening Ceremonies
    8:30PM EST Stone Put and Hammer Throw (Ranged event)
    9:30PM EST Limericks

    House Zen'Myr will be hosting the bar.

    Saturday 21st February

    4:00PM EST The Triathalon
    5:00PM EST The Annual Dwarf Dunking
    7:00PM EST Snow Bunny Wrangling
    8:00PM EST Kilt Fashion Show
    9:00PM EST Cooking Contest

    Bar will be run by Ice Dragon's Rest.

    Sunday 22nd February

    1:00PM EST High Dive
    3:30PM EST Bardic
    5:00PM EST Drunken Nekkid Boxing
    8:00PM EST Caber Toss
    9:00PM EST Closing Ceremonies and Ceilidh (party in Wolf Cult's Guild Hall)

    All events will take place in Frostfang Sea 1. The Games are neutral, all are welcome!
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