Hail, Norrathians. I'm your new Community Manager!

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  1. Accendo Community Manager

    Never. I tend to solo play myself.

    Aww, thanks, Marae! Love the enthusiasm so interwebz high-five for you. :)
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  2. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    *Hugs Schmetterling*

    I have missed you!
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  3. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    *Hugs Breanna*

    I have missed you too!!! I have missed all of you, Gero, Dude, Schmet, Uwkete, and Ttobey!!!!! And all the ROAD-TRIPPERS as well!!!!
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  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Geroblue took us to the moon , what's next Mars ?, or one of those planets out there circling a sun in our Milky way ?
    Maybe ttobey cab find his relatives out there in space .
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  5. Winterseve New Member

    So how long is the EQ2 server going to be down? It went down at 10:23 last night and is still down at 6:44 this morning. BUMMER
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  6. Odibat New Member

    Huzzah! Hail and Well Met! I also apologize for the late welcome. I tend to only get on line on my days off. I rarely have to interact with our community managers, I have been playing for over 11 years now, and tend to keep to myself or with my very small group. Just keep reminding the powers to be, that they still have some very long time players that stay in the shadows and watch. Just keep ALL of us in mind when you find something new and exciting. And I know you will do an AWESOME job.
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  7. omnielle New Member

    Welcome. Convey to Maintenance that maintenance should be done between 2am - 5am EST.
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  8. Sunshimmer New Member

    Omnielle, a terrible exploit happened last night. That is why the servers are still down. They most likely just went ahead and did an update they had planned and are now on the fix the exploit part. However, I would like to add @Accendo, please tell the devs thank you, thank you for modifying the mentoring/pvp rules. That will make the things a little more fair for others.
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  9. Laaw Well-Known Member

    some kind of warning would have been nice last nice last night
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  10. Marae Well-Known Member

    Sunshimmer, thanks for letting us know what happened. I was actually online in the wee hours to catch the tail end of Oceansfull when the game went down; hopefully I was not underwater at the time (it's hard to tell with lag sometimes)! It would not be fun to come back to a drowning character, but better that than a drowned server. :)

    I should add in response to Laaw that I suspect they didn't have a chance to give us a warning. Responding to a threat is not the same as planned maintenance. They did get a forum post up that the game was down for emergency maintenance, so at least we weren't totally in the dark.

    But we have kind of hijacked Accendo's welcome thread with game concerns. I think we should get back to welcoming while the devs do their jobs and get us back online.

    On the other hand, this is the way we are. We have our priorities straight: Game first; social amenities, Real Life, and everything else a distant fifth. :D Welcome to our world! (and interwebz high-five back to Accendo!)
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  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I think they tried to limit the maintenance to Tarinax only , that was the first server to be taken down ,
    than all live servers and finally even the Public Test server .
    I think it all began just fixing the exploit ( right away ) and than they decided that they will go ahead and do the regular stuff
    wile they are at it .
    Please can we have one more day of Oceansful .

    Well Accendo , this is what you will have to deal with ,this is one of your jobs .
    You will have to sooth the wild beasts waiting outside the game before they break down the doors .
    ( I know , I know nobody will or can do that )

    and the community will snag a thread if we have no other way of reacting to an event like this
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  12. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    All those road trippers are gone sadly. There was a terrible moon accident that claimed them all.
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  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    lol , ttobey

    And the Public test Server is back up , I forgot that Friday night is the regular time for the PT server to go down .
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  14. Tkia Well-Known Member

    What part of 'emergency' do you not understand?
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  15. Wulfgyr I've got friends in EQ2Wire places

    The part between the "e" and the "y" ;)
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  16. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I hadn't planned on making it that long, maybe later on. Or a different adventure. Only you and Breanna seem to be interested.
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  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yea if I was not so busy I would have done another trip towards Europe with pictures and videos.

    whispers ( and I think when ttobey blew up the trip again , had it not just been his imagination inside that glob , he also blew up all the servers )

    Anyway this is an example for the kind of loony people you have to deal with , Accendo .
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  18. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I tried to warn about Ttobey I hope Accendo heeds my warning.
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