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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Leloes, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Leloes Well-Known Member

    Is GW2 worth bothering with?
  2. Gulaep Well-Known Member

    I don't know, never played it nor Guild Wars. Go ask them, we are Everquest II dammit! :p
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  3. Leloes Well-Known Member

    This off topic and that's why I asked here. I'm trying to find someone who has played GW2 and what they thought before I waste. To start the game you have to buy the the first part of the game to get started and I don't have money to waste.:)
  4. Gulaep Well-Known Member

    =) Just giving you a hard time. I hate when people leave.
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  5. Leloes Well-Known Member

    Me leave? Not unless Hades freezes over! I love EQ2! GW2 was recommended to me and I just don't want to waste money on a game that is piece of crap.
  6. Raff Well-Known Member


    If you haven't played GW2, how can you call it a piece of crap? Its a really good game and a nice add on game to EQ2 for those times when EQ2 is down or you just feel like doing something different. Its a one time purchase and you never have to put another dime into it. So keep your EQ2 sub, no prob.

    The Tarnished Coast server is the AB of GW2. Always full though and hard to get in...but keep trying if you do decide to give it a whirl. A decent community too. Its a beautiful game, the artwork is superb and the animations are really fluid. No trinity however...all classes can heal & dps depending on your build. So its different from EQ2....but pretty east to get into.

    Pretty fast leveling...I have 10 max level toons after only 2 yrs of game play. And that is part time as I work a lot more than I game.
  7. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    It is very high on my list of favorite games. I used to not like it much but then I gave it more of a chance. They do have some DLC (season 2) but its extremely cheap and very optional, was also free if you logged in during launch of it. They are coming out with an expansion, but they have zero plans to ever up the level cap. That is not what the game is about.

    I have a level 80, and nice thing is if I didn't do a level 10 zone or something while leveling, I can go back and the game with auto-level me to the area I am in. And you are not OP, but you are a bit more powerful as you have more skills at your disposal. Its also nice with events, a level 20 event can fail regardless of levels of people involved because everyone is the same level in that area. I think I have like a 54% world completion, so still a crap load to do. Lots of content. And I have yet to touch PvP (they are focusing a lot more on PvE lately). I have 135 hours put into it but I have a couple characters, only 1 at max level though.

    I say try it. Its not free to play, its buy to play which is even better. No monthly fee, so no restrictions like free to play games have. There are micro-transactions, all optional stuff. Not even an optional subscription model. What I do, when I play it and enjoying it, I go ahead and put down 10 or 20 bucks into the store, kinda pretend I am paying monthly and have access to some store stuff :p

    It is different though, its nothing like EQ2. Their is no quest journal (aside from the story quests). Its all public questing, but you have your own personal progression. If you help kill a mob you get credit, so its like everyone is grouped even if you are solo. I would maybe look up gameplay videos on youtube, up to date ones not old ones.

    1 thing to mention: If your level 80 and go fight level 10 mobs, its possible for level 80 gear to drop off them. You still benefit from doing lower stuff that you missed. Mobs drop stuff for your level, but they will drop stuff at their level to, if you want to farm gear for an alt or something. Especially same with big events, the last chest you get for beating the boss will be items for you at your level. Everyone benefits.
  8. Bashem Well-Known Member

    I have Guild Wars 2 since it was issued and dont like playing it because I want to play the game like a FPS and I dont like there is no option to do that.
  9. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    Right, there is no first person mode. Unless I totally missed an option, I am in game atm and just checked.
  10. oldskool Active Member

    GW2 does a lot of things really well. I like the graphics. I like the public quests. I like the variety in classes. I like the travel system.

    For me, the biggest issue with GW2 is you have to download the entire game before you can start playing.
  11. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Want to borrow my 50/50 FIOS connection?
  12. Louly Active Member

    I'm a huge fan of GW1 played it for years and still do. When I went to GW2 it was a shock to me - where is my GW??? So if it's new to you it will be easier - I had to learn to like it though. Starting out is much easier now, well it was always easy but the rewards are better.

    Good thing is once you buy that's it you never have to pay again. They do have a gem store like SC but the rate of exchange stinks. It's just like Aion where you pay $20 and get only 1600 gems in return. There are no groups really outside of instances like the Ascalon Catacombs. People just jump in on events and you are rewarded for how much you participate. Leveling is pretty fast. In each zone if you are over the level it auto mentors you to that level. In each area there are waypoints and vistas to find and quests to complete. Once you finish you get a reward. Skill points you use to buy/get spells/combat arts and you get those buy doing skill point challenges in each area. Weapons will change what type of skills you have and there are some you can choose.

    It's not bad really but it's not EQ2 :D
    They also have PvP which is WvW. Guild wars sort of lol
    It will never be my GW but you might like it.
    It wouldn't be a bad idea to play GW1 for the story but you probably can find the lore online at the GW wiki.

    Hope this helps :)
  13. Leloes Well-Known Member

    What I said is I don't want to spend money on a game that is a piece of crap not that it is.:)
  14. Leloes Well-Known Member

    Don't you have to buy the first part of the game to get started?
  15. Leloes Well-Known Member

    Just getting some input right now. I haven't decided whether or not to play it. Thanks everyone!:)
  16. Raff Well-Known Member

    Nope..just purchase the game, download and you are good to go. I think its $39.99 via ANet, but I've heard of people getting it for $25.00-30.00 elsewhere.
  17. alvane Member

    I play both EQ2 and GW2 and enjoy them both. They are similar in some aspects and different in others. Since you know about EQ2, I'll just chat about GW2.

    It's now cheap to buy and I wager price will even drop further once the expansion can be purchased. You will need the original GW2 in order to get the expansion. Recently the game went on sale for $10.00 for a long weekend. I'm sure it'll be cheap when the expac is released.

    There is PvE, PvP, WvW currently. There is also crafting, harvesting (no shinies, though!) and the ability to roam the world as you want to roam. There is some structure to get a person started as was mentioned - completing hearts which is basically quests, finding vistas which are areas you can view the world at that point. Also fun are the waypoints which once you find become yours to jump from one place to another in an instant. Within all 5 home cities (one for each race) as well as the main area called Lion's Arch, you can jump waypoints witihout charge.

    And for fun - there are jumping puzzles! Yeah, some are very difficult, some easy. It takes me a long time just to master one of those, but it sure feels good when I do accomplish one. And yeah, there's a chest at the end of it!

    You don't have a UI with100 places for spells, abilities, etc. You have like a skill bar with 5 spots devoted to your weapons, one spot for healing, 3 utility skills and 1 elite skill. This way, you aren't overwhelmed with tons of buttons. You can gain skills along the way and change them out for certain encounters as you learn your character.

    You can change weapons while fighting except for a couple of professions like the elementalist which has control over 4 elements during a fight as their weapons. Most fighting is done using conditions such as blasting ice or poison or slow, etc. along with the ability to change positions while fighting - something that EQ2 doesn't really have, so it takes a bit to learn. GW2 calls it "dodge".

    You get to select your traits you want to use - think of them as a consolidated AA set. You can also switch out those traits between various things you want to do.

    There is lore of the dragons and things that go on in the story lines. In fact there are several story lines. Once is your personal story you can do at your leisure or while leveling to cap of 80 or complete when you get to 80. Choice is yours. Then there are a number of dungeons but not near as many as EQ2. Grouping is with 5 for 8 basic dungeons, but the dungeons are various levels and some are for the story then you can do the same dungeon as "explorable" through 5 different pathways. The dungeons don't get old - they change depending on which path you take or what story you are involved with. Then there are the fractal dungeons.

    Then the best is probably the Living Story which constantly changes the world of Tyria, just as your real world changes. Most of that occurs at cap of level 80, but as a lower level player, you experience what had happened to Tyria as you explore the lands.

    Character creation is of great detail and once you get the gear you want in terms of stats, you can then change the way it looks, not by separate appearance gear as in EQ2 but by putting an "appearance" you like on your gear or weapons without changing the stats!

    You can go solo, group or "raid" which in EQ2 is when a whole bunch of folks get together for a massive battle against a super boss of an area. Everyone gets awards so there is no fighting or random rolls over who needs or greeds.

    The new expansion coming up will allow players to work for a trait that includes soaring (sorta like flying) and a continuation of the Living Story. ArenaNet is doing things nicely, so there is never any empty zones as they work the stories across the entire world of Tyria.

    I still like to play EQ2 in which I'm part of a group that meets for dungeon crawling. I like the crafting, housing, and occasionaI raid as well questing. I enjoy the fun and challenges of GW2 which hasn't bored me yet. Sometimes I play for 30 minutes - just to accomplish one thing - like building up my crafting skills by 10 or working on learning a jumping puzzle or finishing another chapter of my personal story or while exploring, running into someone who needs additional help in defeating a veteran or champion enemy. If I have more time, I might join my guild (Old Timers Guild) in a scheduled event. I hope to do one this saturday which will be my first dungeon. They even give PvP lessons and WvW lessons, too. Fun stuff without the pressure.

    Sorry this is a long post - but wait until the original GW2 game is priced even lower as the xpac is released come this summer. All the rest is free unless you want to buy something from the Black Lion Trading Company!

    Best two general sites for information about GW2 are and also check out
  18. Leloes Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I appreciate all your input. Just looking into it. Haven't really made up my mind yet. I have several games I play off and on. EQ2 is the only one I play full time.
  19. Bashem Well-Known Member

    I play Diablo 3 with new expansion ROS and its a lot of fun when not wanting to play EQ2 and no sub once you buy the game.
    I played WoW off and on over the years too and did not like the graphics mainly but game play was good especially with a ton of mods I used and now the graphics have changed some
    I could see myself checking WoW out again if something was to happen to EQ2 my main love that caused me not to play anymore.

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