Cannot Reproduce Guild text chat not working

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by DonPepin, Jul 7, 2021.

  1. DonPepin New Member

    New characters that enter guild can't see or type in the guild chat. All other channels are working fine.
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  2. Teelth New Member

    I made a new character, and the channels are non-operational for me, just fyi.
  3. Sinafe Darkchyle Inquisitor/Carpenter

    Same for us, new members cannot see or type in guild chat. /off chat is working.
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  4. Sinafe Darkchyle Inquisitor/Carpenter

    Also, just some notes on this

    As a guild we did check the guild chat permissions by rank. We did uncheck and recheck the permissions. Guild chat is still not working for new characters. /of chat is working however.
  5. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Seeing an in-depth discussion on this issue in EQ2 Discord this AM, but only a few commenting here. Folks, if you ARE experiencing this issue, please up-vote the topic by putting a Like on the original post.
  6. Sinafe Darkchyle Inquisitor/Carpenter

    Are you on AB? I tried on HoF and was able to do it but none of the new characters I or any guildies have made on AB are working.
  7. ittiebitty Member

    i'm on text for all new chars no voice for most others......tis getting old real fast
  8. Iosabella New Member

    /off chat works in the guild, guild chat does not. However, your assertion that all other channels work is false. Custom channels (such as homeshow, for example, which isn't passworded) do not work. Nor does creating new custom channels. Newly created characters also don't have access to any world channels that you usually default with. There are no error messages when you try to use or create these channels, nothing that says you don't have the right access - just nothing happens when you try.

    Adding a newly created character to a friends list also does not work, and they cannot add others to their friends list. Again, no error messages.

    Membership level does not matter to this, lifetime members are still affected and have their membership buffs as usual.

    For those looking into this, one of the characters affected by this is Amaerlia on Antonia Bayle. Created July 12, 2021, in the guild Norraths Eternal Watch. However, please note this is affecting all newly created characters on Antonia Bayle from everything I've heard from people in other guilds.
  9. Ratalthor Developer

    We fixed issues specifically with AB's world chat and mail.
    Is anybody still having issues with newly created characters using text chat or joining a guild?
  10. Lucymae New Member

    we are still having the same issues with the new members not being able to recieve in game mail or type in guild chat sorry
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  11. Ratalthor Developer

    Can anybody affected please PM me your character name(s) and severs(s)? Thanks!