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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zzarl, May 5, 2013.

  1. Zzarl New Member

    I've never really understood why lower level status items that you sell to give the guild status points to raise the guild level doesn't work. However, here is what I consider a bug. We've been doing city writs, selling high level status items, doing hq's and signature quests, yet, we noticed that our guild status points has remained constant at 3,702,500 (We are a level 95 guild) even though we get charged a weekly amount (Unless we pay rent and then it deducts it!). The only way to give the guild status points is to manually put it in escrow. Shouldn't even the lowest level character be able to do writs and sell status items they find and help their guild level? This does not give anyone an incentive to do HQ's, Signature quests etc. We try to preach to our lower levels, do the hq and signature quests, you will be helping the guild level plus you get all kinds of nifty armor/weapons!!! But that is not what happens. Sure, they get personal status points but it doesn't give the guild anything at all. The only alternative that gives us as guild leaders is to start policing the ranks and tell everyone "You have status point dues to pay." Shouldn't the work and effort that the lower level characters count towards helping the guilds pay their rent? Personally, I consider this a bug because it puts the onus on the higher level people to level the guild and we really do not want to become guild police.

    Thank you
  2. Wanyen Active Member

    Status is a bit conflated/confusing. Three pools at work:

    1. Accumulated guild level pool (caps or max level in place; anything above and beyond is discarded)
    2. Accumulated guild maintenance pool (probably a cap, but really, really high that few are every concerned with it)
    3. Accumulated personal pool (probably a cap, but really, really high that few are every concerned with it)

    - Status awarding tasks and kills, like grinding writs and doing HQ's or killing epic or particular heroic mobs will help the guild level pool (pool #1). They also help personal, individual player status accumulation (pool #3).

    - Status items equal to or above a threshold level give status to both guild level pool (pool #1) and to personal status pool (pool #3).

    - Status items below a certain threshold compared to guild level only increase personal status pool (pool #3). Selling any status item regardless of level -always- gives personal status.

    - The guild maintenance pool (pool #2), or what you use for hall upkeep, is only increased through personal status contributions (from pool #3) to hall door escrow (to pool #2).

    There is nothing that players can do that will automatically contribute to pool #2 through routine things they do. The only way to increase pool #2 is through a decidedly explicit contribution by a player from their own personal status.

    If you need personal status contributions from the membership to help cover hall escrow for maintenance/upkeep, I good way to handle it is to incentivize it. Give and take guild rank levels for lifetime and month-to-month contributions, whether coin or status that help recognize and reward those that contribute to the guild operation.
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  3. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Now that you're thoroughly confused...

    Rent, be it for status homes OR Guildhalls, is paid with personal status you earn.
    In either scenario, the status must be "donated" to the door in order to pay rent.
  4. Zzarl New Member

    To show what I mean I just ran the "Protectors of Growth: Drachnid Enthrallers" and it said I earned status for the guild.

    Onscreen message:

    You gain 10360 status!
    Your guild has received 1036 status!
    Your faction standing with Protectors of Growth got better.
    Aablis completed the writ 'Protectors of Growth: Drachnid Enthrallers', earning status for the guild.

    So where did the 1036 status go that the guild has received? It says that we received it but looking at the door we did not get any.
    If there is an overflow of status in a pool should it not overflow into one of the other pools? The status was earned, where did it go?

    Added: I understand pool 1 is for guild leveling but we are maxed at 95 right now, should the earned status points in this case from the writ, 1036, overflow into the door escrow account. It is status points that the guild has earned but if it just goes out into the ether and disappears, where is the incentive for everyone to do writs?
  5. Anghammarad Well-Known Member

    See Wanyens post.

    The "door" Status only rises due to guildmates donating personal status.

    The Status you earned 10360 (you can manually donate to your "door") the 1036 for the guild went directly to the Guild Level pool.
  6. Caela Well-Known Member

    It would be great if SOE would make it so that guild status earned after lvl 95 went towards the rent. But as it stands, that status is just wasted. Just like when you are lvl 95/320AA - when you kill a mob, the xp you should earn just goes away.

    The "bug" is that it says you earned status for the guild - when in reality you do not.

    So yeah, it would be great if we could earn status through writs, HQ's, etc to be used as rent for level capped guilds - but so far that isn't the case - the status just goes "poof".

    You can ask members to donate 10% of their status to the guild door if you like...
  7. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Guild Status is basically Guild XP.

    Years ago, the change was made so that Status items would only grant Guild Status if they were of a sufficient level. This change was made right before the Guild Level cap was raised, when Devs caught wind that a few top guilds were stockpiling all the status items with the intention of dinging Level 90 in a matter of seconds.

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