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    Senior Guide Pabinee here to talk about the Guide Program.
    Have you ever wondered what it is a Guide does or who they are? How do you become a Guide? How can you get that special green armor they wear?
    Here are some answers to those questions. For a full list of FAQ regarding the Guide program you can visit
    In addition you can also visit the Guide News site located at Who knows you may find that you have been highlighted in a recent quest held by the Guides.
    Q: What is a Guide? A: A Guide is a volunteer representative of Sony Online Entertainment. We are here to support the players of EverQuest, EverQuest II, EQMac, and EverQuest Online Adventures by helping to create the most immersive and enjoyable role-playing experience possible. We travel the lands in search of players to converse with, as well as run Dynamic Quests, answer circles and conduct wedding ceremonies when requested.
    Q: What do Guides do? A: Guides are volunteer players whose focus it is to enhance the gaming experience of the players via role-play, events, and quests.
    Q: How do I become a Guide?
    A: The application is available at Please note that there are guide requirements that must be met if you wish to apply.
    You are 18 years of age or older. You have an active EverQuest, EverQuest II, EQMac, or EQOA Account.
    You have reached the 10th level with at least two characters in the program that want to join.
    You wish to volunteer your time to the Volunteer Guide Program.
    Your Station account registration is up to date and includes a valid email address.
    If accepted, you will abide by the Policies and Procedures set forth by Sony Online Entertainment and the Volunteer Guide Program.
    There is a small quiz as well as some questions to test your Role-playing ability. Each application is graded, and those with passing grades are then contacted to join the Guide Program at that time.
    ~~Senior Guide Pabinee, Unrest SMT
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  3. ARCHIVED-Seclusion Guest

    Well I went to the Website you linked to apply to the Guide Program. My Web Browser gagged and I got the following warning:
    There is a problem with this website's security certificate.The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority.
    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.

    We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.
    But being curious I went to the page anyway. The first thing I noticed was it asked for my Station and and PASSWORD. Now why in the world do you need my password?
    Needless to say I did not complete the form.
  4. ARCHIVED-sarge Guest

    Seclusion wrote:
  5. ARCHIVED-Meitner Guest

    I think pabinee forgot to update his copy of the faq file. We recently changed the domain name to be more standardized with the rest of SOE. The link he provided will take you to the right page, but the security certificate is registered for (this is the correct address now).

    It does ask for your station name and password, but only to verify that you do, in fact, play an everquest game.
  6. ARCHIVED-Sphiriah Guest

    It is legit, don't worry.
  7. ARCHIVED-erin Guest

    Pabinee wrote:
    I'm sorry, and I'll probably get in trouble for saying it, but... ewww. Converse with players? Run the occasional dynamic quest, answer "circles"??? Conduct weddings?

    That's it? That's what being a guide is? Not helping players out of all the trouble we get into? Guides have zero power to do anything well, frankly, useful?

    Wow. That is really suprising and disappointing.
  8. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    erin wrote:
    To be fair you are NOT being payed by Soe to do this job so corispondly you don't have the "ubar" powers that those that are employees have.
    Anyways I wish luck and good fortune to those who wish to take this path.
  9. ARCHIVED-Nere Guest

    For over two years now I've wanted to join the guide program but I can never get passed the guide application .. it will just never load after hitting login .. No matter which address for the ap I use. I've sent several e-mails over the years but have never received a response.
  10. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    Ohiv wrote:
    Unless somethign has changd, full guides get their monthly subscription paid by SOE. Granted, this is not beign "paid", however, is a financial incentive.
    In exchange, guides must submit a certain number of detailed reports including who they role played with, what happened, be online in guide person a certain amount of time, have a certain amount of role play sessions, etc.
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    Seclusion wrote:
    Yup my browser threw a hissy fit when going to the site..bit of a shame that :(
  12. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    Celena wrote:
    Getting your account paied for would be akin to a token effort they would do when you help test their product.. Sorry from another thread. Anyways my point was more along the lines of you aren't getting any significant pay to do the job so you don't get any significant powers. Yes you get some perks nothing is wrong with that, they are there to help incentivies doing a job that might not wanted to be done without such efforts. There is also accountability with the reports. I would assume with those "greater" powers and abilities would come corprate responsiblity if you did something wrong/bad/whatever that they (soe) might be liable. /shrug i'm no lawyer just commenting that might also be a reason for the restricted abilities.
    Anyways again I wish folks the best of luck for those that choose to persue this sort of thing.
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    Seclusion wrote:
    I have changed the URL to be in-line with the SSL cert. The original link is also valid (old URL) just it will generate a cert warning like that you received. As for the need for your station account and password, yes, you are good to asking if that is needed. This website is ran by SoE and the information is used to validate your account status. Should you still have questions regarding the legit status of this information or the website you can contact
    ~~ Senior Guide Pabinee
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    Nere wrote:
    Sorry to hear that you have expereinced issues with trying to submit your guide application. If you are still continuing to be unable to submit the application you can contact
    ~~Senior Guide Pabinee
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    Why doesnt the Bazaar get guides? I looked at your application and it wasn't listed.
  16. ARCHIVED-Nere Guest

    Pabinee wrote:
    Thanks. As I said .. I've e-mailed several times. Spoken to guides in game and was also directed to the same e-mail. I never get a response. I shot another one to that email tonight .. actually a forward of the last one I sent in December. Guess I'll just continue to wait and see what happens. I dont know what the problem is. Tried both addresses in multiple browsers.
  17. ARCHIVED-Cboathx Guest

    Nere wrote:
    If you are still having issues after this latest e-mail, then post back in this thread and I'll try to flag down the Gnome.
  18. ARCHIVED-JesDer Guest

    Pabinee wrote:
    there .. all better :)
  19. ARCHIVED-Kaeyaen Guest

    Guide_Cboath wrote:
    Also, check your junk mail folders for your email. For some reason, my first response from them went there with my Gmail account.
  20. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    Jesdyr@Unrest wrote:
    you mispelled "role", but that's not surprising..

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