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Discussion in 'Wizard' started by ARCHIVED-Legiax, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Legiax Guest

    OK Guys, glad this is going well. Getting nice feedback ingame, and on these forums. FYI I got my Master title a week ago ;) I'll be updating this guide shortly with some GU36 changes and some more stuff.
  2. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    After being out of game for a few months and now read up on the changes, it seems to me the ward is now useless for pvp, as it is melee that is the #1 killer for wizards. Time to log in and respec I suppose.
  3. ARCHIVED-Legiax Guest

    Magi Shielding still works vs melee. :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    I don't care about that. Ward of Sages is what I cared about. Now it is useless.
  5. ARCHIVED-Legiax Guest

    Concerning PvP, Ward of Sages as always pretty useless. However now it does have 1 use, it basically nulifies poisons from scouts, as it only protects vs magic damage. This leaves your Magi Shielding picking up the melee damage. TBH - As mentioned in the actual guide, pick up your STR line, its far superior to WIS as a line to support STA.
  6. ARCHIVED-Nintech Guest

    Just wanted to pop in and say Thanks! This thread is amazing for a new Pvp player (in this game). Cheers for the good work.
  7. ARCHIVED-Giggittygiggity Guest

    /wave Narl I see that Semper Fi lost some of its fire power. Nice guide too btw.
  8. ARCHIVED-Pengefinchess Guest

    L20 now and locked as i like to quest and are having a blast (literally) with my little guy.
    got the 3 item pvp ward - what next as a solid choice for pvp gear?
    could go wand and orb or even great staff, is the 5 piece bonus worth it? as the other bits i can get at this lvl arnt mage pieces as far as i could see. At my lvl is it just "get what seems best int wise"?
    great guide :)
  9. ARCHIVED-raydenwins Guest

    If someone needs to die and you can succesfully cast for approx 15 seconds. Ice spears, catalyst, freehand sorcery,ice comet2, manaburn. It works wonders on tuff tanks. Of course you must not have nagging scouts for greys from ss biting you while casting.
  10. ARCHIVED-raydenwins Guest

    When constantly hassled, freedom of action, snare, stifle, root, blast, kite. Manasheild approx 25 percent and hope for a kill shot lol