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    Hello all!

    I wont bore with my long story, in short, originally I played a raid main tank guardian back in the day. I LOVED my char, but he had ZERO DPS lol. I got bored and made a bruiser, and he became my main. Now, I love my bruiser, but ive HAD IT with the fact they NEVER get fixed. I wont do it anymore.
    Im thinking of going back to full tank guardian (I think he got parked at 80). I have heard now they can hold their own DPS wise. Could anyone help? Should I have an AA spec for damage and one for tanking? Anyone have any good specs for that? Also, what should I be looking to max with my guard stat wise? Should I reforge into dps, ma and potency to get the real tank and spank build?

    Any help is very appreciated. This is my daughters account I apologize if my name looks funny HAHAHAAA. Im on my laptop. My guard tanks name is Goldenblood on Antonia Bayle, and my bruiser is Goldy Antonia Bayle. My son has an account also :p
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  2. AvenElonis Active Member

    You can check my profile on EQUI, also check Airablade, Hoylguardian and Ogdinmar (all on MajDul).

    What do at 80 is probably not the same as what you do at 120.
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  3. Holyduke Member

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  4. Holyduke Member

    Shik'Nar Imperiatrix Raid

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  5. Paragonvii Member

    *This is the OP, im on my main account now (sorry for any confusion!!). Thank you so much for that, I will be looking those up!
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  6. Paragonvii Member

    *this is the op, im on my main account now.

    Thank you for that! I used my boost to 110 and right out of the gate I am having an absolute blast playing my guard again! soooo cool. I will be using this link as well as a guide also. Thank you
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  7. Paragonvii Member

    Good gravy!!!!! That's some deeeeeeps lol. I have zero regrets rolling with my guardian again!!
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  8. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Guardians are pushing out solid numbers provided the stats are on par with what others have stated. The bulk of your main big hits will come from levelled up ascensions with your combat arts becoming filler abilities for the most part.

    Guardian at 80 as you remember is fundamentally different to what it is now at 120 and same goes with all of the classes I am afraid. Long gone or the days where you had to time your auto attacks to generate 50% or more of your dps.The only thing that you may be able to related to is critical mitigation stat back from TSO. Its here under a new name of Resolve and pretty much drives your gear grind for heroic/raid play.

    You do not need to be very defensive in blood of luclin but given that you are levelling up, usual tools such as having dragoon reflexes/last man standing from AAs will help you along the way. I would very much doubt that you will be able to find a group to grind the levels so going out all out on dps orientated specs will speed things up for you.

    So for now, it will be putting your head down without worrying much about stats and hitting 120. Once there, focus on getting gear, infuse each and every item to boost stats. Start reforging into DPS mod, Multi attack etc with primary focus on potency, crit bonus, fervor stats. I do not want to dissuade you from levelling but the reality at max level equates to a steep grind if you want to get back into effective grouping/raid content.
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  9. Paragonvii Member

    Check my toon mate, hes wearing your spec man!! Thank you again.
    By the way, I used a level 110 boost and made a fresh guardian (yes, I have 2 LOL!!). His name is Paragonvii. Do you happen to know if he needs to do the entire ascension questline now? I have never completed it. Ive heard it shouldn't be passed up. Also, I hear etherial is he way to go for guards?

    Thanks again,
    happy returning player

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  10. Paragonvii Member

    I will CERTIANLY be using this information. Very helpful. My new toon is Paragonvii on Antonia bayle. I used a 110 boost, and leveled him to 120 as fast as I could hahaha. Now to figure out if he needs to do the ascension questline lol. Feel free to give me any pointers anytime at all and thank you again friend.
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  11. Holyduke Member

  12. Arclite Well-Known Member

    You should have at least one ascension class all levelled up with the boost iirc. The next thing will be to get key spells upgraded. The first one to do will be the ascension static buff that gives you fervor. Each acension class has a different name but its only 1 buff in them so easy to find e.g. geoamancer is called union of stone. You can buy upgrades from the broker if you have plat or start the long grind on researcher. you will want this at celestial and to get that you will need to do the celestial monthly quest from last year's expansion. If you go to myrist library, go the quest giver and pick up all weekly heroics. You can easily do them with 3-4 people as its old content. Plus you will need to do 2 PQs. This will be your primary way to score celestials for ascensions well at least for now anyway.

    The price jump on ascension is very high from Adept to Master and then Ancient. Either you get really lucky on a drop or you will be paying lots of plat for them.

    Geomancer/Etherealists are both good choices for guard this expansion.
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  13. Arclite Well-Known Member


    A couple things.

    You really should have points in experienced insight in the warrior tree and dragoon reflexes, in this expansion, especially in challenge heroics your main saviour from 1 shots will be reflexes. You really dont need to put a point in multi attack or acceleration strike.

    You dont need a point in Reversal in the shadow tree.

    Heroic tree - unshakeable grip is very situational. I would save points here and get full experienced insight in warrior tree instead. Experienced insight is your main threat buff. Most likely it will be your highest threat in the parse.

    Prestige - Grit used to be good but not anymore. I would put points in champions stand and will of the champion. You will have lots of DR up at any given time so grit is not needed.

    Bottom line is that avoidance (uncontested/contested) and mitigation is not needed much at all. I have tanked up to t4 raids and challenge raids with dual wielding with around 40k mit and 50% avoidance self buffed and i rarely die in fights.

    Other than that its a good guide.
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  14. Holyduke Member


    Thank you for taking your time to respond. I noticed that your character "Arclite" is locked on Because of this no one can see your build so I am going to take what you suggested with a grain of salt...what are you hiding? ;)

    I disagree with spending points in the Warrior tree to get Experienced Insight. Maybe if someone is having hate issues, sure. I find I do not need dragoon reflexes. If someone pick Dragoon Reflexes over Unshakable Grip I could see that. I will have to ponder more on that choice.

    Agree on Reversal. I personalty do not have points in that ability.

    I have one of these 4 abilities up all the time and stay solid in raids. Guardian Sphere, Unshakable Grip, Defensive Minded and Hunker Down. One is always available, thus picking up Unshakable Grip. Granted I am only on T-3 mobs currently. Mostly solid as you have stated. Hate that "once in a great while one shot out" out no ware.

    For Defender's Charge/Defensive Bulwark its 6.9% damage reduction that I am going for, not the damage, agree it is really week as an offensive hit, even with full points.

    Dual Wielding all the way! Agree!

    Thank you for your feedback, I would be very interested and appreciative if I could see your spec. It would also be great to see a parse from you.
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  15. Arclite Well-Known Member

    My character is not called Arclite. Nothing to hide but at the same time feels irrelevant to talk about it since you asked for feedback on the guide:).

    If the guide was specific to personal preferrence then sure you can go down not having insight nor dragoon reflexes but to any new (or even established) guardian trying to make it out at max level in groups/heroics, these two abilities are a no-brainer in my opinion. The argument to not have them is not very substantive in my humble opinion. The benefit of getting a lot of hate + immunity to control effects + strikethough on the mob within a few seconds of a pull is hard to let to ignore.
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  16. Holyduke Member

    @Arclite Thank you again. You are the best!
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  17. Paragonvii Member

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  18. Paragonvii Member

    Duke I didn't know if you checked my toon, oddly my char switched back to old spec build, I fixed it now. Im using the first spec you had listed. Thank you again. I was wondering, by dual wield you mean sword and shield right? Or do you mean use two swords at the same time while in defensive stance? thank you again!
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  19. Holyduke Member

    Dual wielding is the technique of using two weapons, one in each hand, during combat. This is what I typically do. Yes, I run in defensive stance just about all the time. I have a shield on stand by if needed, but with everything a guardian has I am not finding that it is needed.
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  20. Paragonvii Member

    AWESOME. That's what I thought you meant, but I wanted to make sure :) That's so freaking cool. I cant wait to give this a try. Thank you so very much again for your help! Honestly, your spec helped SO MUCH.
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