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  1. Jinksie Active Member

    That is AWESOME!! I have some baby alts that I just never bothered going back to do this with. Thank you!
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  2. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Finished the 4 new collections, everything looks good except red Vacrul symbol places half sunk in floor, and as you mentioned in game we will get 3 symbols of different shapes and colors once that reward gets fixed

    And I'm putting in request to maybe increase the fence piece reward from Mahngavi to maybe 3?
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  3. Yenk Active Member

    Ah that's nice. There were exactly 64 quests needed to get the Obulus Frontier Garden with a new TS char.
    I went through this ordeal with 3 new TS chars. :D
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  4. DENSER Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to add a small restriction. that this is only possible if one of the characters on the account has done it by going through the fifty or so quests.
    Making obsolete, again, part of the content created, is in itself not very nice for devs work.

    But yes it's great, yes it will be faster, especially for those who have already done it more than once. But for those who have never done it. They miss areas, quests which has its charm Nevertheless ;)
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  5. Dyss Member

    THANK YOU! While all of my characters have done the AGO line, this cosmetic change will help others TREMENDOUSLY.
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  6. Dyss Member

    This change, allowing high level TS players to "slip in" to the Growf Harvesting Garden line without having to complete the entire pre-req stack, will be nice. I have several characters that skipped over doing the ToT (just 2), KA and BoL TS lines in a rush to his 120 and then 125; they are now backtracking to do those lines. I particularly wanted to do the KA TS line, not only for the Obulus Garden, but also for the Mantle of the Grandmaster X (whatever class). I'll still complete those, not only for the mantle and garden, but because I'm a 'completionist', but it's nice to know that the option to obtain the garden without the others is there.
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  7. Jinksie Active Member

    I've done the whole thing on 10 of my alts already. I am comfortable knowing I've paid my dues.
  8. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    it's still a huge requirement that the newly buffed character needs to finish VoV crafting line before they can talk to Growf.
  9. DENSER Well-Known Member

    My opinion concerns new players who have never done it and who therefore misses out on a lore, a story, a work done by the creators of the game.
    For me, crafting is THE quiet moment in the game when you don't run after a deadline, when you take your time.
    It's everquest , ever quest.
    Afterwards, so much the better for everyone, too bad for the work done
  10. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    I think separating Growf's questline from KA and therefore ToT requirement is a good change, be it a totally new player or an alt. It let's the player choose what they want to do, Lore and story can always be done later in whichever order that player decides on.

    If we could separate KA from ToT it would be even better. KA is the only crafting questlines that cannot be done straight out of the box.
  11. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Took a character who's done VoV, never done ToT, nor KA.
    Growf did not have a feather above him but did give me Guardian of Growf quest. Not having Twark totem makes it extra fun if you don't have something with you, like fuels!

    Extra fun to be had if I mentored from my normal 120 to 105, of course not having done any prequests all the goblins were aggro. They might need to keep dying so I can use goblin fire to make stuff fro Growf
    Got enough faction with them after 3rd Growf's quest (Protector of Growf)

    Now: I was able to get Taelonar's quest, which gives faction with Nye'Celona, but upon completing Seeds of Growf I cannot get next quest (The Plan of Growf) since I haven't done Search and Rescue from main KA TS line.

    Which is a problem, unless maybe beta hasn't been updated yet as of April 10th (Sunday)
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  12. Taled Well-Known Member

    Just tested up through to here and saw the same; Pinged Denmum with a potential solution that would fix it for live. Too late to push a fix for it on test, but she can test it manually and see if it works.
  13. Denmum Developer

    Good catch! I've fixed this internally and it is in QA's hands now.
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  14. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    confirming that the fix went live, I was able to do the questline on Antonia Bayle, seedling placed at home, now the wait and daily checking on it begins. thank you for this convenience!
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  15. Zinj Active Member

    If only we could actually TASTE the dishes in game. But then this isn't a full immersive VR like the Sword Art On-line series.
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