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  1. Denmum Developer

    Quest series 1 to unlock purchase of level 40-49 advanced books is now available in Everfrost from Jadrek Woolfe /way 222, -19, 48

    Update 4/6: Quest series 2 to unlock the purchase of level 50-59 advanced books is now available from Ewart Nefird near the Twin Tears carpet in Sinking Sands. (/loc -523, -86, -1052) He doesn't want to show his quest feather to me right now for some reason, but he's offering the quest to level 50+ crafters upon a hail.

    Update 4/8: Red shiny collections are now available in Visions of Vetrovia. Each zone has different requirements in order to see these tradeskill-related collectibles. (And to be clear, this is only a requirement to see/harvest the shiny spawns. Once they have been harvested, anyone can add them to their collections.)
    • The Svarni Expanse collection spawns can be seen by those who have completed Were is the Messenger: Different Tastes.
    • The Karuupa Jungle collection spawns can be seen by those who have completed Were is the Messenger: Say Cheese.
    • The Mahngavi Expanse collection spawns can be seen by those who have completed Were is the Messenger: Mad Machinations.
    • The Forlorn Gist collection spawns can be seen when players are under the effect of the Illusion: Werewolf potion available from Renfry's Basement.
    Update for 4/9(?)*:
    A Gathering Obsession, Part III; A Gathering Obsession, Part IV; and A Gathering Obsession, Part V have had the journal display order changed, so that all the resources needed from the same zone are grouped together in the journal, instead of alternating between zones in the listing.

    Additional Update for 4/9(?)*:
    Players who have completed the entire "Were is the Messenger" crafting series from the Visions of Vetrovia will now be able to quest for their Obulus Frontier Garden from Growf in the Obulus Frontier, without having to complete all of the original quest pre-requisites. Players will still need to learn the Goblish language before they can converse with Growf.

    *=I am not sure if beta will patch on 4/9 or not. I am hoping these go in on beta, so that players can poke at them over the weekend.
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  2. Elowith Active Member

    Inheriting Family - I don't seem to have the recipe to craft the trout with pine-nut dressing and fennel puree. Though it sounds very tasty.
  3. Denmum Developer

    The recipe book currently acts like many of the older tier quest recipes and drops into your inventory, so you have to actually scribe it. And yes, it looked tasty when I was googling fish recipes to find a likely dish. :D
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  4. Elowith Active Member

    I did look for a recipe book. Of course, my inventory is..... but there was nothing that looked like a book.
  5. Denmum Developer

    Use the inventory search (magnifying glass on your character sheet) please and try to find "Food for Fussy Guests". He just gave it to me with no problem when I picked up that first quest.
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  6. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Inheriting family quest: harvesting pine nuts and icy fennel give no indication in chat or elsewhere on screen, only noticeable by quest count ticking up
    Side salad quest: same thing with harvesting Feerrott greens, no indication
    Sweet Tooth quest: same with harvesting jumberry (I love that bush, sparkles and all)
    Proper Presentation quest: same thing, no indication, other than disco and quest updating

    Eustace is cute :D, his effects don't seem to work though? or are they just a copy pasta error? is he meant to find extra harvests?

    Thanks for making harvest already in bags count towards quests, thank you for portable stoves (though I'm sure someone will just farm those free stoves and sell on broker)
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  7. Denmum Developer

    I'll fix them so they're using a no-trade version sometime this week.
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  8. Playz4fun Active Member

    What a fun way to gather up some old (missing) recipe books. Love the familiar as well!

    Thank you Denmum!
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  9. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    The quest from Jadrek Woolfe went fine and smooth. No issues that I could find.

    Just finished the Quest in Sinking Sands and no issues other than the no feather and slow to respond to /hail. All else worked well.
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  10. Taled Well-Known Member

    Completed both quest lines.

    No issues with the 40-49 quests that I noticed barring what we discussed with the special harvest nodes - The Pine Nut node doesn't stop you from harvesting once you've gotten what you need, but the extra pine nuts poofed so it didn't hurt any. They also were listed as 'Pine Nut Pine Nut' - I'd suggest maybe 'Pinyon Pine: Pine Nuts' or something similar, as you're harvesting the nuts from a pine tree, not just harvesting pine nuts from a pile. :)

    The 50-59 quests went smoothly, with no real issues. I need to double check the first quest to see if it really does tell you to look near GFay or not like you said it should, because I may be blind - otherwise everything was fine content wise. There was a response in the first set of dialogues with Ewart where he asks if you are a crafter that has no punctuation - Response to Ewart asking if you are a crafter: "Yes, I am" - no punctuation.

    The 'Dew Collector Strands' required for the quest 'Wax On' are still in my bags after completing the entire quest line. I want to say that these are actually the strands given to me from the crate used for the Dew Collector Kits.

    As we discussed, the recipe for the Dew Collector Kits is titled 'Dew Collecting Kits', despite the quest asking for 'Dew Collector Kits' and the recipe creating 'Dew Collector Kits' - You said you had this fixed but it didn't make the cut off last night, but I want to note it just in case. :)
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  11. Taled Well-Known Member

    Okay, so it *does* say 'near greater faydark' - I just glazed over it because I'm clueless. Woops!

  12. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Can we make Waxy Leaves stackable please?
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  13. Denmum Developer

    Whoops! Fixed, but probably won't make it to beta until Friday, given that it is after 6 p.m. now.
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  14. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Not sure if intended, never noticed that on live - Merchant Murgina in Feerrott who sells vinegar, all her other food, drink and alcoholic offerings are usable only by adventurers between level 40 - 59? Mentoring does not help.
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  15. Denmum Developer

    I didn't touch anything else on her, so that's how she's been on live forever and a decade.
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  16. Denmum Developer

    Red shiny collections are in. See the first post for details on what is needed to see these spawns.
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  17. Denmum Developer

    This should go in on beta tomorrow if all goes well:

    The quests "A Gathering Obsession, Part III", "A Gathering Obsession, Part IV" and "A Gathering Obsession, Part V" have had their journal entries modified, so that all the items needed from the same zone are grouped together in the journal, instead of alternating back and forth between zones. This should make it easier to see what resources you are missing when on these quests. (This is only a cosmetic display change, there's no need to panic as the quests themselves have not changed.) If you already have one of these quests in your journal, the display for it will not change.
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  18. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Denmum Dearest, is any 60's quest series in the works that would result in 60's advanced books on the vendor?

    Great change to gathering obsession, it will visually help greatly! thank you for your thoughtfulness
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  19. Denmum Developer

    Not in time for the GU on Tuesday, but it is on my list of things to tackle.
  20. Denmum Developer

    New players who buff to a high tradeskill level have to go through a LOT to get everything ... the earring of the solstice, the prayer shawl, the hand of the maker, their pack pony, their Obulus Frontier Garden, etc.

    In a small(?) quality of life change, those who want to earn the Obulus Frontier Garden without doing approximately 50 quests from three different expansions (due to all the pre-requisites, etc.) need only complete the "Were is the Messenger" tradeskill signature line from VoV before they speak to Growf to start "Guardian of Growf" to start questing for their garden. They will, however, still need to speak the goblish tongue. This change should be in the next beta patch.
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