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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Exilya, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Exilya Member

    I took a month or so break, I've cooled down and back since I missed my guild mates.
    I dont have high expectations anymore to have replies to player feedback but feel like it still need to be written down as I know the devs still read these threads and I really don't want to swap main (not willing to spend anymore than my sub now)

    So here's my channeler feedback to the new changes:
    - As mentioned on discord, the raid wide buff from our offensive stance is very hard to maintain due to the proc chance. I can get 3 stacks during raids where not much dissonance is needed for healing/curing but rarely manage to maintain them.
    - Shadow escape: I keep getting stuck in random decor.
    -Heal stance HOT proc: I feel that proc is not lasting long enough.
  2. Twofeets Active Member

    There was a time I would agree that the devs do read these boards, but I noticed with the beta in December and this one which just ended there was very little interaction and/or response by the devs for many classes. In the case of paladins, for example, the Devs didnt respond to a single class issue and instead pushed changes which not a single paladin asked for. Even after exahustive feedback on Discord and the forums, the Devs version of changes were pushed through.

    I've been around since 2005, my whole family plays this game, but I've never seen such a gap between the Dev team and the players. Considering so many of us have been around for 10-15+ years, many are working in professions involving computer science, coding, project management, etc you would think the Devs would appreciate educated and constructive feedback. Instead, we are met with ... silence...

    The game is dying. There have been many critical points along the way where its life may have been extended, extraordinary ideas presented by this same player base have been presented in detail, all for nothing. In the end, when the game is gone, they will be looking for new jobs. I'll still have both of my degrees, my house at the beach, and my family. My family will have fond memories of 'what was', but I guess such is life.