GU 105: A Stitch in Time - February 13, 2018

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  1. Karamella Well-Known Member

    So far I completed the ts sig twice (1 x Thurgadin, 1 x Maj'Dul) to see how it works. I didn't face any bugs at that time, lucky me. But Part IV was the worst part, way harder than the other ones and the reason why I'm so reluctant to do it again.

    Now I just run Part I - III to get my alts on lvl 110. Part IV is a pain in the butt and the rewards ain't worth it. The Familiar is nice, the bag too but nothing I really have to have.
  2. Seni Active Member

    That makes me feel sad. We should be gung ho about the TS line now that it's here, and want to run all of our alts through it. While taking the alt army through the same quests can get tedious after a few of them, I don't think there has been a quest line where people just stopped after their first or second because it wasn't fun / the rewards weren't worth the pain. Most of us have at least a few alts.. it's part of what we like to do, and many iterations of quest lines goes along with that. We do it because the lines are fun and/or the results are worth it.

    The Cobalt Scar line with the undead Othmir comes to mind when talking about painful ones (did they ever fix the pathing through the crafting areas?) but it was challenging and worth gritting your teeth and dying for the 20th time.. at least for most. This quest line must really be the pits to make so many stop doing it. (I have not started yet.. been following the bug fix news closely and will start my main through it when most of them are cleared up, and then help my friend get started. Although he is saying he doesn't see the point if the rewards are all adventure-based, because that's not why he plays. I've waved the pony changes & familiar like a carrot on a stick..)

    What's going to really suck is that the next expansion will most likely require that this one be finished before you can start the new one. Hopefully that doesn't leave too may alts behind permanently.
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  3. Kheldar Active Member

    I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to bother with it at all. Test was enough, and all of my important crafters (one each class) were 110 before this came out. I have no reason to raise the other 100 crafters up, since there is no reward, no fun, no enjoyment, it's not even a relaxing thing to do if I want a break from killing things.

    I'm actually just going back and doing OLD TS timelines that I skipped over or never finished rather than this mess. The rewards are equally useless, since there is much better gear already in my recipe books, but at least they don't feel boring and tedious.

    Heck, I have even given up on running alts through the PoP sig line itself; I just can't bear having to do the repeatable quests over and over. Even my mains stopped zoning into PoP/CoV after the first two or three weeks. Just no point in it.
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  4. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    I started a toon running through the KA Tradeskill questline last night (I need another plant!) and wow - what a contrast. In KA it's gather 3 of these and 6 of those, craft three things (3-4 counters). Quest finished! Next quest: get two of these and one of those, take them to the NPC, and so on. It's actually pretty easy and fun.

    I will run more toons through the PoP tradeskill questline, for the familiar and the bag, but it is tedious, NOT fun.
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  5. Tekka Well-Known Member

    A lot of the old TS lines give you useful baubles for crafting as well as harvesting. The ones that jump to mind are the prayer shawl, solstice earring, far seas mark (aom) and hand of the maker from cobalt scar (which lets you mass produce without having to change your points around)
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  6. Kheldar Active Member

    And the mounts, and achievements, the Rallic Pack, Gardeners pack, and the teleport pebbles, Twark recall item (really love that)... Probably a lot of others I'm forgetting about. Old School TS for the win!
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  7. Aussie_one Member


    about TIME some one had the guts to admit what so many are saying in game chat so well said .STIL no sign of any Apology from Daybreak nothing ,and not even any gifts to sweeten up the dis tastes shared by so many
  8. Aussie_one Member

    YEAHH AS LONG as THEY ALL sit down and LEARN THE LORE OF this game and the back ground and THEY KEEP WITH THE ORIGINAL Skill and adventuring Formula's
  9. suka Well-Known Member

    how do you get past the mobs in shard of hate??? i can't get past the beginning of the zone.
  10. Iuvili Member

    Mostly with patience ;) You could also try FD or the defibrillators.
  11. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The aggro range is fairly short, and they can't see behind them. This may mean you wait a while for the thing to path past you, or to you then turn around. Look for places off to the side that you can run to and hide in to wait while the mobs path back your way.

    Also, there are ways to distract the mobs. Do look at the Wiki write-up..
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  12. wizeone777 New Member

  13. wizeone777 New Member

    K like how they say estimated time is under 2 hours and boom that's it
  14. wizeone777 New Member

    Give us better game update times
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