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  1. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    Day 1
    • Scout 'Shadows' from prestige lines are parsing zero damage in "Zek, the Scourge Wastes: The Siege [Raid]" Losing such an end-line for raiding is pretty rough.
    • Kreelit, Caller of Hounds melted.
    • Fergul the Protector melted slightly slower but with a strict script.
    • Durtung, the Arm of War script is highly punitive and on very strict 'rails.' Having script elements not be a hard pass/fail (live/die) would be preferable. Script elements with multiple paths to success and 'failing' isn't 1 degree short of wiping outright are much more interesting.
    • Sacrificer Goortuk More or less read Durtung, script on tight rails with problem only having 1 solution and deviating from those rails at all result in a wipe or extremely close to it.
    • These type of WoW, linear scripts are fine some times but it needs to be mixed up with more free form fights where there are multiple solutions to a problem, maybe even ones the designer hasn't thought of. "Pirate Kings" was an excellent example of this.
    • Lag was pretty much non-existent, YAY! I'm assuming thats due to less procs, especially with proc on the ToT signature ring being removed and converted into raw stats. Would love to see some other stuff from ToT like Furious Barrage and the various Tactics procs get the same treatment.
    • Most of the time we were short by quite a bit of resolve to meet the raid mobs 'Detect Weakness' resolve amount but it also didn't pose much of a problem. This might be different for other guilds not as far in progression and haven't been farming ToT as long.
    • Even though it was not a large issue, being in full ToT raid gear had us falling 10-30 resolve short. IIRC it was stated meeting the suggested amounts for this GU with ToT gear would be a non-issue, this is not the case.
    • Resolve class buffs are pretty surprising. Although its obvious with what classes got what amounts (swashbucklers getting more than brigs, wizards more than warlocks, clerics more than shamans, etc.) and that they don't stack that some sort of class balancing/desirability is trying to be accomplished with resolve which is a very bad idea. Especially if there is to be any hope of properly balancing encounters vs raids with Resolve. All it does is force class diversity for the sake of class diversity which is just a ugly, heavy handed way to go about it. Raids will resent hauling around classes that aren't otherwise desirable (or in some cases not fun to play) just because they have a high resolve buff. At best it turns these unwanted classes into the most terribly designed utility classes imaginable.
    Heartbound was pretty surprising. I mean this went from 'thats a neat little feature' to P2W QUICK.
    I say "pay 2 win" because between its 30 minute duration, online requirement for two separate GOLD accounts and the 30 FERVOR anyone serious about performance will want/need it.
    The only way to efficiently keep it up is to just pay for 2 subscriptions and keep the 'dummy' account by the house item hitting 'Rekindle' every 30 minutes. I'd say make the duration more like 2 hours or more, and function fully even if one person is offline while still requiring both accounts to be "gold."

    Since all classes got a flat 30 fervor boost with Heartbound, and fervor only boosting ability damage, mages got quite the relative boost in damage output. It turned our enchanters into T1-T0 DPS pretty nicely thanks to mimicry.

    The Storyline/Lore is pretty interesting so far, I love that its all taking place in an existing area that has advanced with the times. Much better than a vaguely upscaled 'Fabled' dungeon with no new lore/NPC's.

    Art is GREAT. Even though its a desolate, violent place and uses more 'drab' colors it still manages to stand out and look good. I especially love how the 'old' orcs were mixed in, not just for story but for that clear contrast that these new orcs are WAY more of a problem than the old ones.
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  2. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    thanks for the report, Neiloch
  3. azcn2503 Active Member

    Nice post, but I think Fervor affects all calculations, not just damage. So it would improve heals, wards, procs, etc. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Also the health of mobs in all agnostic dungeons is currently way too high! Trash mobs that could be defeated in seconds are now taking upward of five minutes with a decent group.
  4. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    It's nice to become T1 while it will last.
  5. Oldegreg New Member

    Also noticing that the key quests inside the Scourge Keep Advanced Solo are dropping dirt encrusted keys (for Thalumbra content).
  6. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    Day 2
    • Sanctifier Goortuuk killed. This guy is the epitome of raiding by the numbers. Pretty clear 'gear check' and eats up most of the time walking you through the various scripts 1-by-1. It was just exhausting. It was like a raiding tutorial with a moderate-high DPS check. I am hoping 'Weapon of War' isn't this raiding on rails, WoW non-sense at least.
      Problems with multiple solutions that can be solved by multiple classes, please.
      "cure or die, move or die, power or die, kill adds fast or die" = Boooooooo
    • Gear rewards from 'Zek: The Siege' were underwhelming and confirmed some worries people had. Pieces from the first 2 mobs being less than stellar was expected but still had scaling inconsistencies.
    • When two items with the same stat loadout are compared and one has higher resolve it also needs to have higher EVERYTHING ELSE. Super items with low resolve and mediocre items with high resolve need to be disappeared ASAP. Relatively high stats = relatively high resolve. Here's a quick example, one of many: - ToT raid dropped ear, About 182 pot on average, 5% resolve - Zek solo ear, 11.4 Flurry, 304 pot, 11k mod, 2% resolve
      ^"Downgrade to upgrade" in full force.^ This could have been avoided entirely with more time to test and easier access to testing the content, especially since concerns about exactly this were voiced before release.
    • Lag made a surprising appearance in 'Stygian Threshold.' Hopefully this is due to the zone being low difficulty and still popular on Friday nights along with some troublesome procs still floating around like 'Furious Barrage' If it is due to other ToT procs it should solve itself over time with the new procless items (thank you for that, btw)
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  7. BrouhahaTLE New Member

    The floating text when mousing over the Heartstone in a house says "Hearstone" rather than "Heartstone".
  8. Xper Well-Known Member

    Well, we have the perfect roster, 20 unique classes! Oh but our templar couldn't make raid last night, so we invited our backup inquis. But we already had an inquisitor, so our raid dropped 15 resolve (the equivalent of every single person in raid dropping 15 items to the previous tier - that seems reasonable, right?).

    Maybe tomorrow our swash won't make it and we have to roll 2 assassins. Bummer, 10 resolve gone.

    This is just all so ridiculous. Even with the perfect roster, if you don't have 100% attendance on all 24 first-string raiders, then your losing sooo much resolve.

    Let's say you have 28 raiders all at 84% attendance (each person misses 1/6 raids). That means that on average you'll have 4 backups in raid for your first-stringers that are absent. These 4 backups will only occasionally be the same class as the people they're filling in for, so you're going to lose resolve on 1-4 slots out of the ideal raid setup.
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  9. Avithax Well-Known Member

    [IMG]Crab Grabber Key Quest (or w/e it's called):

    Got to the end of the pinnacle and the mobs spawned for the final fight. My toon dies and I resurrected and ran back and the mobs were gone. Ran all around the spire up and down but the timer just counted down to zero and then it told me I failed.

    I like this quest because i'm learning to dps and survive on alts that I usually don't play but this is the third time I have died and went back to find the mobs had disappeared. I'm assuming there's a bug here where they might return to the middle of the spire out of agro range or something. You can see from the pic i'm still in crab form and there's still time on the quest, just no mobs to be found :(

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