GU 100: Fabled Zones

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  1. Laylaih Communications Coordinator

    EverQuest II is planning to launch GU 100 on Thursday, April 28th! These new zones, content, and features will be available to members only. GU 100 is designed for our highest level players.

    Today, we’re going to take a look at the new Fabled Zones that will be part of GU 100.


    By: Carlos “Gninja” Mora

    Remember going into Ruins of Varsoon and making that leap into one of the side tunnels? Lace up your boots, as this is one of the zones we are giving the “Fabled” treatment this time around. The dungeon will be leveled up to current content of level 100 and given new and exciting loot to chase. Chamber of Immortality, Temple of Cazic-Thule, and Sanctum of Fear are also being made available as “Fabled” versions.

    This new content should have some of your favorite parts of the dungeons made appropriate for the most seasoned adventurers. Even Venekor himself is rumored to make an appearance within the Fabled Temple. Ruins of Varsoon and Temple of Cazic-Thule will both be contested dungeons set to low minimum limits to spin up new instances, so that if the zone gets too crowded you can enter a new one where you might have more luck hunting down those specific named creatures you are looking for. Chamber of Immortality and Sanctum of Fear will also have interesting new boss loot waiting to be discovered. All of these zones will be available to subscribers with the upcoming GU100 release.


    Want more information about GU 100? Read the preview of Zek, the Scourge Wastes and make sure you’re following EQII on Twitter and Facebook!

    Not an All Access Member yet, and want to make sure you can access GU 100? Visit and buy today!
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  2. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Thumbs down to subscriber only access, despite my subscription. vvvvvvv

    You are making me want to strictly solo play again, after pushing so hard to make me start grouping with others. This member-only change eliminates literally half the group I currently play with. :/
  3. Kashue Member

    I don't know Merriel, I think i like the idea of subscriber only access. Makes me feel like the $15/month i've been paying for the last 10 years (and hasn't gone up btw) has a little more worth to it. I enjoy member benefits. I also like Pie with flaky crust.

    I understand that you made friends and like to be with those certain people when grouping, and if they can't be there it may make the game less enjoyable for you. However, $15/month really isn't that far of a stretch for someone to pay for something that makes them happy. I see people blow more than that in less than 2 days on coffee.
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  4. Brightlyz Active Member

    Yeah cant believe a company would charge us for their hard work, unbelievable! /end sarcasm
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  5. Raenius Well-Known Member

    Back the day you couldn`t play at all when you havent paid.

    Heck, I`d pay up to 10€ more / month if it gives me lagfree gameplay and decent unbroken content.
  6. Maldek Active Member

    I think the rub here is EQ2 is somewhere between two bsuiness models --
    1. Pay for annual expansions/upgrades (e.g. buy the access upfront, don't pay monthly)
    2. Pay a monthly fee for all access
    3. What EQ2 is, where you're paying both

    #3 feels hard to justify. A good example of where strategy #1 is working is EVE Online, where you pay a monthly fee (everyone pays, no F2P after a 30 day trial) but you get all upgrades/expansions free. How #2 works would be Buy the Game Box, play forever (not really a popular MMO business model but they exist)

    The sea changes like GU 100 would be a lot easier to swallow if they were clearly stated strategy (e.g. We are no longer charging for expansion content) but instead every spring/summer it's some confusing Campansion/DLC with a hard-to-understand price tag attached, or occasionally we just get free updates (Fabled EoF) but then are expected to pay $15 for Rum Cellar (both of which felt similar in size/scope to me).
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  7. Maldek Active Member

    In any event, I am still excited for Fabled Varsoon and CT as those were zones near and dear to my EQ2 experience. I'd just like DBG to establish a pricing model and stick to it instead of flip-flopping every year.
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  8. Gilasil Active Member

    Cool. Varsoon. My second most favorite dungeon (after Stormhold). I'm looking forward to it.
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  9. Gigv Member

    Next expansion with the increase in prices I would like to see some totally new zones not just reworked old ones please,
  10. Raff Well-Known Member

    Could do totally away with F2P as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Prayos Well-Known Member

    If you're gonna stick with this 'GU 100' thing, shouldn't there be more hype/celebration around it?
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  12. Amoon Member

    love this post.. i have said for years.. if you like this game and want it to continue, help support it i have paid since day one. i love this game and like anything else if i like it i will help support it
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  13. kluxor Well-Known Member

    Umm....thats what the paid expansions are. This is a free update with reworked content you're complaining about. Square can re-release FF a dozen times with nothing more than improved graphics and people buy'em. EQ redoes classic content with new loot and everyone complains.
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  14. Evilary Well-Known Member

    I won't get much use out of this as I'm more focused on the crafting side. But, I do think it should be for paid only as they are planning. I for one would like to see them keep this game running. When I get in the mood to play, I pay.

    I would be happy if they only gave 5 days a month to free to play, and you have to subscribe or purchase a certain amount of items from the store in order to keep playing. It's to the point, where every time a paying member gets a perk, the free to play leeches whine loud and hard.
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  15. Amaitae Active Member

    Could the temple zone be scaled up geometrically? It feels a bit small for a contested zone.
  16. Llieam Well-Known Member

    Free to play is in my understanding, try before you subscribe. I think its great that you can get so much out of a game without paying for it, but to expect every member bonus for free is just not being realistic. I subscribe, I expect to get more out of those that do not. So its like the old saying, you get what you pay for.

    Just my 2 coppers worth
  17. Raetear Member

    You DO realize this paying monthly AND paying for new expansions is NOT a new thing, right? This game has been like this since day one of Original EQ release.. Sorry to knock you off your soapbox, but if you love something.. support it fully. Otherwise, go to Option<Uninstall.exe
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  18. Ellimist Active Member

    Personally I was disappointed to see this being worked on as content. I would perfer the dev hours be put into a larger expansion later in the year. Its not that this content will be crap or that it won't be cool to go back to zek (Cause it most likely will be quite good) but the fact that we already know we have limited resources working on the game and old content is being refreshed instead of say a massive new zone/zones being created to explore. Like Luclin for example. Thalumbra is cool but it doesn't feel large to me.
  19. Vondis Member

    Honestly, the one thing I really want along with the content is revamped/new HQs. I've been dying for some more, and with the "original" content that allows for even more lore to be explored into it, which opens a door for HQs. That's just my thought though.
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  20. ugloopni Active Member

    looking forward to it, big fan of fabled zones, thanks!
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