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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Onekay, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Onekay Guest

    Does anybody know at which ability level (adept, expert, etc) our Grim Sorcerer VI becomes better than our L84-capped spider mage from Mythical Epic summon?


    Slitter Wrists - 86 Unrest Necro
  2. ARCHIVED-Davngr1 Guest

    when mobs you're dpsing are red con to the pet, think it's like 89? also once you get the myth buff there is no reason to use the myth pet anymore, even if all you have is an expert. either way you should be reserching the master pet right now.
  3. ARCHIVED-Trensharo Guest

    If you get a Master pet at 85, that's when it becomes better than the Mythical pet. At least from my experience. By 86 you should have a Master pet and not be using the Mythical pet. You should have Mythical buff by then, as well.
    Most people move to DoV zones at 86, anyways, so you want to master the grim sorc asap and use it regardless.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nrgy Guest

    Onekay wrote:
    I would think that as soon as you complete your ER for the Mythical Buff, which applies to every pet (level and type) you summon, that its is not longer necessary to use the Mythical Spider.
    So the answer to your questions is level 80 ...

    as far as what ability level superceeds the mythical pet ... IMO there is only one type of pet you should use and that is a Master level pet. point in fact, I even have a Master Scout (Bard) pet and I don't think I have summoned it one time yet, but If/When I ever do it darn well better be a Master. Necros are a Pet class .... so if you are using a substandard pet then what are you say about yourself or others whom you may group with?
  5. ARCHIVED-Cisgo Guest

    Nrgy wrote:
    Enervated can be completed at 85 not 80, due to the level requirement in VC zone.

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