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  1. Teakken Member

    I have compiled the information of green adorns and put them in an easy-to-compare spreadsheet. It has the adorns sorted by group. At the top are adorns that look to be suited for tanks, Going down it gets more caster related. (The sorting on this list isn't perfect... if you have some ideas to make it more clear, please share and I'll look at updating it.)

    (I don't know how long the TinyUrl link above will be active, so the full link is: )

    I am currently missing information on some adornments concerning what causes them to level. Any information on that missing info would be appreciated.
    - Nexus of the Bastion
    - More of Deathly Screams
    - Prime Fortified/Sheen/Consecrated/Arcanic Soul Trap
    - Nexus of the Flame
    - Will of the Shiverback King
    - Zenith of Trickery
    - Core of the Construct
    - Burden of the Brood Mother
    - Gem of Cleansing Flames
    - Nexus of Acid
    - Trinket of Grim Virtuoso
    - Nexus of Lightning
    - Idol of Eternal Analysis
    - Nexus of Frost

    Credit goes to for providing the stat information.
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  2. Daray Well-Known Member

    Really, the green adorns should show their max stat values somewhere on the tooltip so that people can make an educated comparison without breaking a calculator out / refering to Drum's webpage.
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  3. Teakken Member

    I wanted to link to your screenshots of the adorns, but I couldn't figure out how to link in Google Docs. I'll go through your screenshots and find the missing info about how they level later tonight.
  4. Teakken Member

    Feldon, I'm not finding on your screenshot of an adornment where it shows info about how it levels
  5. Ragna Active Member

    Look above the adorn pic :)
  6. Feldon Well-Known Member


    You must inflict damage to level this adorn. Most of them are just through Adventuring.
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  7. Teakken Member

    Ahh ok. I guess the default is just gaining Adventuring XP and the ones I checked were all those. Thank you.
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  9. Surgi New Member

    Have to say, Thank you Very much for the List and its Easy to Compare Stats... as I have thrown many out that were really good cause Wikia showed them to be crappy, and I didn't bother to actually look at the adorn.
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  10. Uyaem New Member

    Small correction:
    Mote of Astral Power has Ability Casting Speed +4%, not +3%
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  11. Teakken Member

    Thanks for the correction. I also added Orb of the Nocturnal Predator. Seems this one got into game about Feb 26. Probably some others I'm missing. I'll have to do some research when I have time. If anyone knows of any, please let me know and I'll add them. Even if you don't have stats... I'll look that up.
  12. Cisteros Active Member

    Couple of the new ones added with the Dreadcutter x4 on 2/26

    \aITEM -1957305091 1650076901:Rallosian Pirate's Quintessence\/a
    \aITEM 770940037 -1815055910:Globe of Cleansing Waves\/a
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  13. Teakken Member

    Added. Thank you!
  14. Teakken Member

    I added in some Tears of Veeshan player made green adorns. If you learn of new ToV adorns I don't have on there, please share. :)

    Also, I need to check all the old ones and see if any stats have changed.
  15. Feldon Well-Known Member

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