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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mogrim, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    I've got a significant amount of Green Adornment Feedback, including...

    1) Some Raid Drop Green Adorns are inferior to Heroic Crafted Green Adorns
    2) Some Green Adorns (those that require taking or dealing damage) seem to have growth problems (they grow, but an entire raid night of damage would only grow it 1%)
    3) Refined Consecrated Soul Traps (specifically) provide massive crit bonus and potency, and would be better than pretty much any other Green Adornment, including all the raid drops. It almost looks like the ll the .5 stat gains should have been .2 or .3.

    Is this the right place to go through for this? Lastly, I've assumed (and hopefully am correct) that the general progression (general rule, not set in stone) for these adornments would be...

    Entry level - Quested (fits somewhere around T1, perhaps slightly better, perhaps slightly worse, not as good as T2)
    T1 - Solo Instance Drops, slightly better than Crude Crafted
    T2 - Heroic Instance Drops, slightly better than Refined Crafted
    T3 - Raid Drops, slightly better than Prime Crafted

    If this is correct, I can provide more detailed feedback for the pure effort to have these green adornments have a more logical progression.

    My first bit of feedback would definitely be...
    1) Dealing and taking damage adornments level so slowly that they seem bugged
    2) The Refined Consecrated Soul Trap gives 5.4Crit Bonus and 5.4 Potency at lvl 10, and this is far better than any raid drop or heroic drop, and seems to not fight correctly in the logical progression tree of adornments.

    Lastly: A raid dropped recipe for an "Ethereal Dislodger" that allows for the removal of all adornments WITHOUT the destruction of the original item would be a nice additional touch. It could cost 3 frozen manas and 2 (of any) REFINED rare material to make. Its just an idea, I bet people would like it.
  2. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    My raid force sees the pre-adorned items as a problem. In the past, we've valued adorns at about 20% of the DKP of gear. Our priority has been gearing people... but now we have -- for example -- healer boots that are both a huge upgrade for one of our healers, but are also pre-adorned with a massive hate gain adornment that the tank wants. This is a situation designed to create bad feelings and arguments in a raid force.

    It would be less annoying if the pre-adorned items only had adorns appropriate to the class for whom the gear is designed, but even there, the argument will be "ZOMG! You outbid me on MY BOOTS so you could BREAK THEM FOR A [deleted][rude] ADORN???!!!"

    I think the pre-adorned mechanic is a Really Bad Idea. What the heck is the problem with just dropping the green adorns in raids like the red ones dropped in older zones? I'd rather have EITHER the gear or the adorn, or better, stick both seperately in the box and give us a lower drop rate or SOMETHING.
  3. Lokim New Member

    The damage taking exp gain and the combat art exp gain adornments are broken without a doubt.

    On my tank i did over 20 instances and 3 raid nights and that brought it to 7% of level 1 with little downtime. At this rate it will take well over 1000 hours to level this thing which will be after the next eq2 expansion comes out if i played 3+ hours a day. The combat art ones are leveling slightly faster but still far too slow. I leveled the ones that gain xp in the new zones to 10 in maybe 30-40 hours of gameplay which is probably about right.

    I have yet to see a post by SoE on this matter.
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  4. Raenius Active Member

    Agree, the adorns which level when damage taken are barely getting any progress - what we should need is that every adorn would have a straight gain when you gain adventure xp/killing things and an additional significant!! bigger boost if you fulfill the 2nd requirement (taking damage, using combat arts etc.)
  5. Avithax Well-Known Member

    Adorns like "Core of Bleeding Thoughts" which indicate growth by "inflicting damage on other players" and others like Gems of cleansing flames that "grow in power as you cure effects" are not recording properly also.

    The core of bleeding one doesn't spam growth with damage it spams upon kills and after 2 weeks of playing 6hrs a day killing in BG's, Pvp, Heroic and raid it's only 2% into the first level.

    The cleansing flames one is still at 1% in the same amount of time since the majority of cures done by my toon are passive. Raidwide i have over 2k cures and it's still sitting at 1%

    Petition submitted on both got a standard form response "working as intended"
  6. Atan Well-Known Member

    I do not trust SoE to understand the game enough to determine what adorns are desirable by what classes.

    We simply need the adorns dropping separately in the box so we can distribute them in a way that makes sense to our players.
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  7. Lazlo New Member

    The leveling rate of the damage taken and combat art adorns are very bad. Judging how much my CA one went up in a week of using it, it will take 4-6 months to max out. That seems a bit high.

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