green adorn awol

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Meidjum, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Meidjum Active Member

    Just logged in and found 2 of my green adorn that were on my rings to be missing. One was a prime crafted and teh other was drop from one of the zones. Also have one of the prime crafted ones in the recipe book is no longer able to be crafted. It is in the book but can't be crafted. I already did a petition, was just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them.
  2. Caith Developer

    We've identified an issue with the Prime Fortified Soul Trap, Nexus of the Bastion and Nexus of Flame and we have a fix being tested now to correct that issue.
  3. easy_tiger New Member

    ohh goody my nexus of the bastion and nexus of flame are missing too
  4. Thorine New Member

    My Nexus of Bastion is missing.
    Grit of the Shiverback King says level 44
    Will of the Shiverback King says level 50 and aren't leveling anymore.
    Neither of Grit- or Will of the Shiverback King has increased in stat
  5. Estred Well-Known Member

    Green adorns were not upgraded. Their stats were spead out to level more consistently. Will of The Shiverback King at level 50 is granting all the bonus's it would have before are level 10. This should be true of all Green Adornments.
  6. Thorine New Member

    You are right. My bad.
  7. AustinB Member

    My Nexus of Acid lost its potency (around 3.5% IIRC) for a worthless amount of Reuse and Mitigation. I would really like this reverted.
  8. Caith Developer

    This (along with 2 other scout Spiritstones missing Potency) was fixed but not in time for the patch. Potency should be added back onto those either with this upcoming hotfix or the one right after depeding on how quickly it can pass QA.
  9. Nosferatuss New Member

    After bringing Prime Fortified Soul Trap back, that adornment has 33 STA instead of 60 STA and now it's even worse than Refined one. So is there any plan for stat correction? or you guys just nerf that adorn on purpose?
  10. Caith Developer

    Looks like that stone is using the primary stat values rather then the stamina values for that stone. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, it will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.
  11. Foretold Well-Known Member

    I don't know if it's just my luck, but my Nebulous Reality Anchor was reset back to 0 with the update. IIRC it was very nearly leveled out before the update.
  12. Estred Well-Known Member

    Was it intended that leveled Adrons are now NO-TRADE? I was going to give my Nexus of the Bastion to my Paladin since my Guardian has level 50 Orbs of Fear and Will of the Shiverback but I can't now. Really bites too that Mythical Nexus would really help my Pally out.
  13. Caith Developer

    Once any Spiritstone gains any XP it is no longer able to be traded.
  14. Caith Developer

    There should be no luck involved. Create a CS ticket if you believe your spiritstone was reset. Other then the Spiritstones that vanished, there should be zero impact on earned experience for individual stones, the experience points you earn on your Spiritstones is stored on your character, which is checked against their exp/level tables to determine what level they are supposed to be.

    Long story short, we did not make any changes to the experience points your Spiritstone has already built up, with the notable exception of the adornments that vanished.
  15. Koleg Active Member

    Just to follow up on the missing stones. I filled a petition out on Tuesday (late) and I had the stone returned to my inventory last night (Thusday) when I loded back in and it was the same level (10 = 50) as it was befor it went walkabout.