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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Sakshale, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Sakshale Guest

    All around the Great Divide, I see these purple rings like the one in Nipik's Haven that say something like "Travel within the Eastern Wastes". However, I haven't figured out how to activate them.
    Clues, hints or outright spoilers are welcome at this point.
  2. ARCHIVED-yohann koldheart Guest

    run the quests at the ew otter camp and one of them will unlock it for you. its great for doing the daily faction quests.
  3. ARCHIVED-Xianthia Guest

    You may also be seeing the ones that are used to travel to your group when there are more than one instance of G D open. There would be several instances open at one point when PQs were popular and would need to travel to a specific instance (at least that's how I used them). :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Sakshale Guest

    Well, I completed the EW Otter Camp quests and the shaman opened a large gate to Fina's camp. However the small violet gates are still non-responsive.
  5. ARCHIVED-Tuckker Guest

    Grouse@Kithicor wrote:
    Those purple gates are to switch between zone instances WHEN THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE OF THE SAME OPEN and unlocked.
    Each zone in EQ2 has a minimum and maximum number of people it is designed to support. When a zone reaches its softcap it will spawn a second instance of itself. At that time you can travel from Great Divide #1 to Great Divide #2 thru the purple portals. If you're in a group and some folks are in G D #1 and others are in G D#2 you can use the portal or right click on one of the group members in the other instance and "travel" to them to get the group back together.
    Zones also have a maximum number of people once reached will not allow people to travel to the full instance via the purple portal, but you can still travel to a group member via the right click "travel" function.
    Once a secondary zone instance lowers its population to a certain number it will also remove the option to travel to it via the pueple portal which is SOE's way to trun off the zone, but it will not despawn the secondary instance until it is actually empty. They will not actually kick you out of it.
    Multiple zone instnace normally happen near an expansion release or when some special event is occuring, such as an Avatar is up or a Game-Guide is present. The most I've seen myself is when DOV lanched I've seen as many as 20 instances of Great Divide all available at the same time.

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