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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Snickerdo, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Snickerdo Guest

    I want to make a macro to cast gravitas whenever it is up. What do I type in command line of macro box to get it to hit the healer that is eligible. I tried putting each healer in a command line. It just kept trying to cast it on the last one even when she had it too recent.
  2. ARCHIVED-EQPrime Guest

    Your macro should work. It will queue the person at the end if it casts it on someone else before it gets that far in the list, but it should go right down in order, assuming the target is in range and not immune.
    When I was 2-boxing a troub I used a macro like that for Jester's Cap.
  3. ARCHIVED-Snickerdo Guest

    Thanks for reply, Uguv. It does work. I was misinterpreting the chat spam about not being able to cast on player recently getting it. Tried it out this morning and worked like a breeze.
  4. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    I use ProfitUI and just use the hotbutton in the raid window.
    To keep track of the Gravitas immunity timer for each healer, I use ACT to do a timer when I cast it. I check my timer list and if the healer isn't in it, I can cast Gravitas on him. This gets a little mixed up if you have more than 1 dirge casting it.
  5. ARCHIVED-Wasuna Guest

    I have a Troubador and I get real tired of targeting people to cast this all the time. So how does this macro go?
    /target <person1>
    /cast JCap
    /target <person2>
    /cast JCap
    /target <person3)
    /cast JCap
    A big problem of mine if that I like to send a message to the person letting them know they have it so people can use their big stuff and it will come back faster. if I add a message to the above macro it would tell them all they have it.
  6. ARCHIVED-ReverendPaqo Guest

    there is a buff immunity window available on EQ2interface that works for jcap and gravitas. It shows a timer of the durration remaining on jcap immunity or gravitas immunity. I'd suggest using that and just having a /tell %t Jcap for x seconds attached to your jcap button be it a one click in your UI or macro on your hotbar.
    As a heads up, the recent macro changes (if they went/go live) are going to bork macros like the ones mentioned previously in this thread. Might want to read up on them in the development roundtable.
  7. ARCHIVED-Katastrofa Guest

    For my Gravitas macro I do this

    /useabilityonplayer Player Gravitas
    /useabilityonplayer Player2 Gravitas
    /useabilityonplayer Player3 Gravitas
    /useabilityonplayer Player4 Gravitas

    One for each line in the macro window and if it doesn't cast on player 1 it will automatically go to player 2 and so on and so forth and it never takes my target off the tank. However it does not tell the healer that he received Gravitas but my healers don't want to be spammed with more tells so it works out fine.
    It still works too with the macro changes as it doesn't cast different spells, just attempts to cast the same one over and over. Maybe if I attempted to fit in all 6-8 healers in it, it would bug out but I only put the 3-4 designated healers for me in the macro.
  8. ARCHIVED-black_silvr Guest

    I think you guys are complicating the macro. My Gravitas macro I simpy put the spell into the macro 4 times. Next to each spell it has a block for target. Before the raid, I open my macro and change the name of the players I want to buff depending on the setup. Spam it every time its up and it will cycle through the 4 people until grav immunity wears off on the first person. IF you need to hit a healer outside of the macro just use the profit hotkey.
  9. ARCHIVED-Ixoa Guest

    Raahl wrote:
    can ya post how ya set it up been trying for ages to get it to work in act and no joy,have followed the guide in eq2flames and still doesnt work.

  10. ARCHIVED-curious_george Guest
    This example is for Gravitas, but could equally be used for Jester's Cap.

    4 x Nominate macros.
    These four macros are used when you join the group/raid to nominate who you will be casting on, and in what order:

    Macro button 1
    Name: Nominate Gravitas Target 1
    (Add Step - Command): /alias gravitas1:useabilityonplayer %t Gravitas

    Macro button 2
    Name: Nominate Gravitas Target 2
    (Add Step - Command): /alias gravitas2:useabilityonplayer %t Gravitas

    Macro button 3
    Name: Nominate Gravitas Target 3
    (Add Step - Command): /alias gravitas3:useabilityonplayer %t Gravitas

    Macro button 4
    Name: Nominate Gravitas Target 4
    (Add Step - Command): /alias gravitas4:useabilityonplayer %t Gravitas

    You use the above macros to select each player that you will be casting Gravitas on.

    Below is the 1 x Combat Macro.
    This is the only button used during combat:

    Macro button 5
    Name: Cast Gravitas
    (Add Step - Command): /gravitas1
    (Add Step - Command): /gravitas2
    (Add Step - Command): /gravitas3
    (Add Step - Command): /gravitas4
    (Add Step - Spell/Ability): Gravitas (Target:Overlord)

    *Note - the last step in this macro does NOT cast the ability, but it provides the visual graphic on the hotbar. The target is "Overlord" because that toon name cannot exist - this prevents the spell being cast on your current target.*

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  11. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    Dragoneyes@Splitpaw wrote:
    Once I get home I'll try and get a writeup.
  12. ARCHIVED-FrostDragon Guest

    I use DrumUI does ProfitUI have something else? I like drumui for my healer alts and never bothered to use profit
  13. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    Ok open ACT.
    Press the Show Timers button in the upper right corner.
    Right click on the Spell Timers window that popped up.
    Here's how you setup the timer.
    Enter all the information changing the AE/Skill/Custom Trigger Name to that of the healer you want to set. Otherwise all other information is the same. Once finished press the Add/Edit button to save it.
    Close out the Spell Timers window and select the Triggers/Sounds tab in ACT.

    On the Regular Expression line substitute "Gravitas on << Khrug >>" with whatever you /tell or /raid when casting. The Timer or Tab Name should be what you called your timer in the previous step. All others should be the same.
    Here are my settings for Profit UI for the raid window hotkeys. Edit the _ProfitUI_QuickRaidButtons.txt file in the ProfitUI directory and search for Dirge. Here's what the Dirge section looks like on my system. I've put the section that deals with Gravitas in Red.

        <Page Name="Dirge">
            <Data Name="Button1" Macro="SpellForMyLevel='1033316620'
    raidsay REZZING >> Parent.Target << 
    useabilityonplayer Parent.Target SpellForMyLevel" Tooltip="(44) Elegy at Death&apos;s Door"/>
            <Data Name="Button2" Macro="SpellForMyLevel='3390154729'
    raidsay REZZING >> Parent.Target << 
    useabilityonplayer Parent.Target SpellForMyLevel" Tooltip="(58) Elegy of Awakening"/>
            <Data Name="Button3" Macro="SpellForMyLevel='1492846922'
    COND=(Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Custom.ProfitUI_QuickRaidButtons.ActualLevel.Text < 78)
    SpellForMyLevel=COND ? '847451313' : SpellForMyLevel
    useabilityonplayer Parent.Target SpellForMyLevel" Tooltip="Oration of Sacrifice Line"/>
    [COLOR=#ff0000]        <Data Name="Button4" Macro="SpellForMyLevel='3677033782'
    tell Parent.Target Attempting Gravitas on You
    raidsay Attempting Gravitas on << Parent.Target >>
    useabilityonplayer Parent.Target SpellForMyLevel" Tooltip="(80) Gravitas"/>
            <Data Name="Button5" Macro="tell Parent.Target Heart&apos;/&apos;Sh[/COLOR]ard please" Tooltip="Heart/Shard request"/>
    [COLOR=#ff0000]        [/COLOR]
    Ignore the CODE and /CODE.
    You must do this for each healer you wish to keep a timer on.
    Hope this helps.
  14. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    FrostDragon wrote:
    I believe that DrumUI has many of the same Capabilities as Profit. The thread I found for the gravitas timer used ProfitUI so I just started using it.

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