Graphics 'Lag' and 'Hitching' Since Aug 6, 2015 Update

Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by Kindle Heartforge, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Kindle Heartforge Active Member

    Since the update last Thursday, I (and many others, apparently) are experiencing graphical 'hitching', 'stutter', and 'lag'. These are how others describe it. It almost seems like an issue with the DirectX draw when it pulls higher-resolution items into view as I move towards them.

    Is anyone at DBG aware of this issue?
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  2. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    I heard this happening as well to some people in my guild during a rum cellar raid. It didnt happen to me but I play on pretty low settings usually.
  3. konofo Active Member

    I noticed this on Thursday and Friday night, in Rum Cellar heroics and Fabled EoF heroics. It's not something I'd encountered previously.

    Others in my group observed the same problem at roughly the same time, which I found odd for something that felt like a client-side issue. Some of them had just installed Windows 10, and assumed that was the cause, but I'm encountering the issue in 8.1.

  4. Haldo New Member

    If you log all the way out to desktop, and then back in - does it go away?
  5. Kalin New Member

    My husband and I are both experiencing terrible lag, especially in Raid. It seems we are 30 seconds behind our guildies, hitting spells/combat arts and nothing at all happens. Everything was fine on our Wednesday night raid, Friday was not too terrible but tonight we had to leave Raid because of it. We both run Windows 7, I should add that we both re-logged, then rebooted our PC's. We also rebooted our router, tried putting our settings to the very max performance and nothing helped.
  6. nutesewell New Member

    Same issues here.
  7. Josgar Active Member

    It is happening to me too, regardless if I run in the lowest quality graphics setting or my normal graphics setting.
  8. Korucuu Well-Known Member

    I saw the below on Twitter this morning, so seems they are aware. Fingers crossed for Monday/Tuesday!

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  9. Drax Member

    I have been levelling an alt lately and have encountered these issues in Bonemire and Kylong Plains. These are hardly the most populated zones but my frame rates slowly dropped to the point of being in single figures at times. I would normally expect to see at least 50+FPS.

    Logging out and rebooting my PC appears to re-set things to normal but when I start playing again the general slow down/stuttering/hitching progressively makes its presence felt.
  10. trixster Active Member

    Kind of surprised there is not red post here yet. They were randomly posting last night no fix before monday so probably with the tue maint.
  11. Gharyn Well-Known Member

    Happened to me at the end of last night's raid, when we pulled the second name in Fabled Freethinker my frames started bouncing between 0 and 20. Thought my computer had froze up a couple of times. Got through the fight, gated to guildhall but it didn't go away until I camped to myself.

    My point is, I run raids in extreme performance and I can't remember a time when I have ever had lag like that. So it seems to me something may have been done in the last patch that caused problems for the unlucky few.

    My 2 cents.
  12. Skpamd Active Member

    Having same issues but today it is even worse then it has been since update. I am also having anything that use the textures from woven hide (common) is completely black with no textures on it at all. It isn't a video card issue because I put the game on my husbands computer and it is doing it on his as well.
  13. trixster Active Member

    Again.... They are aware and do not anticipate a fix until monday so most likely it will be patched Tue.
  14. Windstalker Executive Producer

    We are aware of the issue. If we can verify the fix tomorrow, we will update early. We need time to test, though. Players report that freeing up memory by relog or freeing up cache helps a lot. If you are low on available memory you will likely be more affected, or that's how it seems. Again, we need time to test on various machines as not everyone, but many, are experiencing the issue.
  15. Nkito Well-Known Member

    16gb on win7 this starts after about 10min of playing, usually after zoning. Only shows to be using 4gb at the time.
  16. Lilahh New Member

    It's not a memory size issue for me as I have 24gb but the leak and or patch last Thursday really gummed things up and is fixed if I log out and back in for a little while. It will come back and then same thing need to religious again...please fix :(
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  17. Lilahh New Member

    Relog again I mean...phones auto correct :(
  18. locojay4ff New Member

    One does not have to close and relaunch the game.
    All one has to do is /camp <character>.
    One can camp to the same character and it resets the memory leak.

    I hope this helps. I noticed it when I had lag before camping to a new character. I waited for it to get to 8-9 fps then camped to the same character and it was back up to 120 again.
  19. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    Zoning would probably work as well then.
  20. Eles Well-Known Member

    this is not new, we have issues with memory leaks from months ago, also the lag thing. even the devs posted that they were looking to fix it. now those threads are buried :(