Gorowyn RP Guild Currently active

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    First off let me applogize for the lateness of this.
    Gorowyn Militia is currently the main RP guild on AB, helping to represent Gorowyn in alot of things all over Norrath. Current features of the guild are as follows.
    • Level 47 as of this posting, with a hall.
    • Has current RP going on with other RP guilds.
    • Incurages partaking part in RP events.
    • Like Gorowyn itself it does not matter if your a good or evil character, the guild is neutral.
    • Smaller activity wise, means better chance for promotion in the guild based on how active you are!
    • Guild was formed in January 2012.
    More information can be found at the website gorowynmilitia.guildportal.com as well as talking with a recruiter on Antonia Bayle.

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