Good job effectively killing off high end PVP

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Drew575, Aug 27, 2015.

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  1. Gromph Member

    They live in a bubble unaware of whats actually going on on the server, you wont convince them.
  2. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

    You know, I would believe you if you actually just tried to have an argument and didnt throw down meaningless E-cred. Also a 5k spread in your guestimations on your own credibility arent helping you sound more credible.

    the bottom line is contested is a numbers game. It always has been as long as there has been contested mobs and pvp on the same server. Maybe more guilds were making attempts at the mobs because there was a larger population. But the principle remains, people would increase their numbers to get more success at the target than the other guy. The raid with 2 more people to block or attack than the other force has a better chance at killing the target, or wearing the opposition down so they can have the target to themselves. Why do you think recruitment continues? Because its a revolving door of people getting tired, and finding people who want to add to the numbers game.

    the only time contested is fun is when its a group that has to fight another group. and even then there will be somebody who wants to take 3 more people to help out and ensure a victory. Its just the nature of how people play this game, and players wont ever try to change that.

    I personally like 1v1-6v6's. lag is bearable and you can really coordinate. Maybe X2vX2 as well, but they seem rare at the moment since X2s in classic are killed by X3s most times.
  3. Ydiss Member

    Yes, Deathtoll is quiet. It's Medium population at best.

    But I'm not sure how a yes vote can be said, empirically, to improve that.You apparently believe it would. But this is a 10 year old game. It's unlikely to bring in a significant volume of new players. I'm here having quit the game when EoF came out. And I'll bet the vast majority of us are either existing or ex players.

    So the release of a 9 year old expansion is not likely to impact the influx of new players. All it is likely to do is keep some players playing a bit longer. At level 50 to 60. Which will be temporary, at best. And won't change the fact that this server is medium population. Because it's been medium population since I found out about it, which was about a month ago, a mere week or so after it launched.

    You should accept that the game doesn't have enough of a fan base left to make this change. The only valid reason for you to be upset is because you didn't get new content because that's what you wanted. There is no bigger picture here, no "save the cheerleader, save the world" scenario.

    At some point, DoF will be voted in. Anyone who has already quit the game by now were deluding themselves, not those who voted no. We're still playing. Everyone who started fresh on these servers knew the deal. They knew what was happening. And if they're angry or disillusioned because this 10 year old game didn't have enough to keep them interested after one month then there's no point blaming those who are invested in the TLE project and are quite happy that it exists because it's allowed us to play the game in a state that we loved.

    A touch of perspective is useful.
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  4. Shasta Active Member

    Oh, but DoF would change everything, right? For what ten days? a month? Same people will be back here whining when they hit 60, and the raids are still stupid easy.No, man you are the one who is delusional. Ydiss's post was made nearly simultaneously to mine, and he said it much better.
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  5. Ydiss Member

    I'm afraid the truth is here.

    As soon as I was told about TLE I was instantly interested. I'd read the FAQ and had downloaded the game within 30 minutes. I then got a sub as soon as I had been paid. And I'm enjoying the game again.

    I realised that expansions may have been voted in sequentially and that it'd be EoF again, all too soon. I knew that would kill it again for me. But I thought "I'll still get a chance to play the old baby again for a few months". And when it gets to EoF, I won't make a quit thread. I'll move on, happy that I had some fun.

    There's no point being upset that Deathtoll isn't High population. It's inevitable given the age of this game, the size of its existing fan base and that it's PVP. The only way that could possibly change is if DBG invested in making significant PVP improvements and I'm afraid I don't see that happening.

    But it is pointless being unhappy and blaming no voters on the lower population. The bottom line is not enough were attracted to play on Deathtoll to begin with. And those who quit did so because they clearly have no desire to enjoy TLE for what it is, only what it has a chance to be. There's no real point in being upset at them, either; it's their free choice to do what they please.

    I wish Deathtoll was high population. I wish it was as busy as Nagafen was in its heyday. But it isn't. And it's a bit sad that it isn't. But what did any of you expect?
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  6. Antisocial Member

    These PVP threads are bathroom stall quality entertainment.
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  7. Shasta Active Member

    Look, I'm Dankshasta/Technics, and I don't need E-cred. I had to pretty much show everyone how to solo on the bard classes. 5k spread only means I don't know exactly where I was at when EoF launched, I only know I was #1.

    OK, OK jokes aside; A no vote first time out the gate is the best thing that could have happened to PvP on Deathtoll. It will mean more people concentrated at 50 in better gear, and with better spells. That's why KoS ended up being so good. The gear in KoS if you remember back was very unspectacular. Xegonite wasn't much worse than Relic, and with the smaller zones we were condensed.

    That's what we will be looking at in the next thirty days. Parity in gear, smaller zones to contest, and roam, and a large concentration of players in the same tier. If you stop to think about it this might just represent a chance to have the highest number of targets we're ever going to get. Soon there will be more zones, and the tiered PvP will have us more spread out. a second month of classic is just what we needed to get people interested, and build a little drama. Drama is good for PvP, trust me on that one. ;)
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  8. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

    our argument was about numbers being used in pvp to have an advantage( atleast thats what I thought from the previous post), and how that has always happened. but we can change topics if you want.


    I didnt mind the no vote, I want sinking sands because I liked to PVP there, I thought some of the best large scale battles with broken down groups from all tiers I was in happened there. Thats my reason. I do think there might be consequenses now for voting no, but they will probably remedy themselves in the time it takes to get to the next vote.

    I want people to catch up to 50, because atleast they wont be carrying the same habits as most of darkhand or addiction carry, which is evac and call home when they see the banned hammer. Our best fights have actually been not with darkhand or valor, but with casual guilds(axeholes, arcadia, europa, and hello there). The gear difference from raid to group until EoF will probably stay like this, so casuals will be relevant players in pvp if they have the gear, and I guess skill if they arent playing an SK/ranger/summoner.

    I dont want drama I hate drama and I hate you!
  9. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    DoF raids will have challenge, i just ran a bunch on live to test. Gear was upgraded and its actually level 57-60 fabled so the stats will be better than treasured level 50 for once. Also the mobs have like 7 million HP so it should be pretty fun tbh.
  10. Siren Well-Known Member

    I just have to say, no, Antisocial, it's always you who is the bathroom stall quality entertainment. :p
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  11. Fetish Well-Known Member

    Please say that you are one of them...
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  12. Dull4h4n Member

    I was one of the first 50s on Deathtoll and I still voted no. Our guild is still working on splitpaw raids and helping new players level and get equipped. I'm fairly certain most of us voted no, but intend to vote yes next month. It was simply too soon to go into an expansion when most people haven't even finish the content currently available.

    No need to worry.
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  13. Makkir New Member

    I liked your post because my wife's name is Shasta :)
    I played several world PvP games and your last statement holds true. At some point people need to police themselves and not contribute to what they are complaining about. I still play ESO and everyone complains about it just being zergs but the ones complaining are also the ones running around in 60 man zerg raids.
  14. Mitten Active Member

    Because being max level on Naggie guaranteed its survival? Right?
    Why is your progression more important that players 1-39 too btw? Are you just that special?
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  15. Pett Active Member

    Kingdom of Sky or bust. Content, spells, levels, and AA fix classes. As will the zone designs. PvP right now is for conj/necro, rangers, and SK. I grinded to 50 for the even playing field of fighting other level 50s.
  16. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Who's quitting? The 6 people that voted yes?
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  17. niiri New Member

    Had the vote gone yes, the same people would be miserable in a week and a half after grinding another 10 levels and finishing that content. No matter what the game, there is a margin of the population who plays the game like it is the only thing they have in life.
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  18. Mohee Active Member

    I'm going to explain the fundamentals of polls through a highly disciplined form of Japanese poetry - haiku:

    Mass players voted
    The majority said No
    and so they will stay.
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  19. Kahonen Active Member

    Of course, if DB don't have anything ready for the next TLE release, you'll NEVER see the actual result. I may be sticking my neck out here but has anyone considered that the release of the next TLE expansion may be more to do with it being ready than with a public "vote".
  20. Mohee Active Member

    I've been playing EQ2 since it was in beta...
    nothing has been ready when they released it, including the TLE servers themselves.

    So I doubt that's it ;)
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