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  1. Cyph New Member

    Hi all,
    I have recently returned to EQ2 and due to its age, my account is by default a Silver account (yay)! However, my brother is also interested in joining me on my adventures and has created his own account, which is currently Bronze. Here's the question; if he subscribes for a month to the Gold account, when he returns, is his account still Bronze or Silver?

    Also, regardless if it is Bronze or Silver, if he (or myself, who am thinking of sub'ing) go from Gold to Silver, what happens to our characters who may or may not have Legendary/Fabled items or other aspects that are restricted to the Gold membership?

    Thanks in advance!

    *hoping AoD goes down in price or becomes free to play so I can grab some mercs* :)
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  2. crazyeyes321 Active Member

    When I came back from just before velious launch, I came back with toons that wouldnt normally be available due to matrix. I believe they switched it for return players to have access to the last 4 or 5 toons they logged into. That isn't what you asked though. My characters when they returned as a silver account, had all their gear sent to their bags/overflow that was better than treasured. I would imagine that is still the situation should I drop to silver again.

    Im not sure about the bronze, buy a month, then back to f2p. I want to say he should be silver at that point, but I might be wrong.
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  3. Trebien Member

    You revert back to whatever membership level you were before subbing. So, if you are bronze, you will revert back to bronze, unless you purchase the $5 upgrade. I'm not sure, some people have been granted silver with any type of $5 or greater purchase in the marketplace, but I'm not sure if that still happens.

    Bronze will mean he will be limited to 2 character slots, the last two created that aren't restricted by race/class. It seems that SOE has changed their system so that it will actually check to see if the last 2/4 toons are restricted by class or race restrictions, because when I reverted to silver, the top three toons locked were not actually the first three logged in. One of them was race restricted, the other two were the ones that I had not logged into sooner (top of the list).

    Since you were grandfathered in, you will be allowed to play your last four toons played, regardless of the silver restrictions on class/race. If you subscribe, you will be allowed to play up to seven toons that you have created, and can pay for character slots if you wish to play any more toons you may have created prior to the f2p conversion. There is no limit to the number of character slots you can purchase, some have upwards of 30 toons on a single account.

    However, if/when you revert back to silver, you will lose access to at least three character slots formerly available as a gold sub. If you create any toons that are silver restricted by class or race, you will lose access to those toons. I've reverted twice, with different experiences both times. The first time, I lost access to the top three on my account, as well as a race restricted toon. This meant that I lost access to four toons total. The second time, the system seemed a bit more intelligent, and restricted the top TWO toons, as well as the same race restricted toon from before, which had actually been one of the last ones I logged into, therefore near the bottom of the list.

    Even though you are likely to have toons that are normally silver restricted, you will be able to play any toons that were previously created, without unlocking races or classes. However, if you make any new toons that are on the restricted list, even if you already have that race and/or class with a created toon, the new toon WILL be restricted if you revert back to silver (or bronze in the case of your brother), unless you purchase the unlocker for that class/race.

    Any gear that is silver/bronze restricted will be removed and placed in your inventory, or your overflow if your available bags are full. You will be unable to re-equip the gear without purchasing unlockers. At lower levels, you can easily function without exceeding the gear limits. However, by around level 50-60, you will start finding it more difficult to find decent gear with silver/bronze restrictions. You will be unable to learn or research any new spells/combat arts that exceed the limitations, but if you were gold and started researching a spell or ca, you will be able to finish the research and start researching a new spell/ca, unless your remaining choices are too high for your membership level. Anything that is in your inventory, cash, gear, items, consumables, all will stay in your inventory. However, you will be unable to USE those items unless you move them into available bag space, and you will be unable to place anything in bag space that is unavailable due to restrictions. You will be able to keep any cash that exceeds your limits, but will be unable to gain more until you lower your existing cash under the amount allowed.
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  4. Cyph New Member

    Thank you very much crazyeyes and Trebien, very much appreciated :)

    Some questions; if he were to purchase a physical copy of EQ2 Complete or one of the expansions, can he use the code for a free month sub still? Actually more importantly, if he purchases Chains of Eternity does he get access to all previous expansions (except Age of Discovery)?

    Thank you
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  5. Hexalobular Well-Known Member

    Chains of Eternity includes DoV, AoD has to be bought separately, everything earlier is free.
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  6. Svenone Well-Known Member

    If your brother sets up a *new* account, he should be able to get the free month time*, but ASAIK the free month does not apply to existing accounts.

    *this assumes that SOE still offers the free month to new subs
  7. Talohan New Member

    I got a question about the silver account's. Does it not include all the chat options? Like I can't chat on level 1-9 or anything other than guild, say, ooc, etc.
  8. Hexalobular Well-Known Member

    No, it doesn't not include all chat options. ;)
    The Silver account has unlimited chat ability according to the list at
  9. Talohan New Member

    Ok, then I must be missing something. Cause the only way I'm able to chat is either within the zone or by auction tell and nothing is listed in my chat options for the newbie channels.
  10. Cyph New Member

    I'm able to access the newbie channels.. but I do /3 or whatever it is. Can't remember/haven't bothered to find the chat channel list.
  11. crazyeyes321 Active Member

    If you can't remember, you can right click the chat window and select chat options and select all appropriate channels you are eligibles for and wish to view.
    If you can't be bothered to find it, ignore this post. =p
  12. Andiria New Member

    Trebien's description is very good. As an update to his description, the coin limits for Silver and Bronze memberships were removed beginning 11/13/12, so that is one less limitation.