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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Feara, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Only replying to this one statement, anyone that spends any money on the game is and has been supporting the game. Whether it be by subscription or by purchasing anything through SC. A subscribers 15 dollars is not any better than an f2p players 15 dollars on a mount (usually 20 dollars on those no?) or whatever else they buy.
  2. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    ^^This. Soe never does think things through and over before they implement them. Good point :)
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  3. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Compare one time purchase and recurring? $15 a month do not make SC things free. They still are payed for with CC. I've just recently spent $80 just for lvling potions and master upgrades. Add it to my $ $16.73 (monthly with taxes) *12 you will get the difference. But it's a moot point to argue. B/c before we didn't have a choice. If we wanted to play we had to subscribe. Now there is a choice which I now closely consider.
  4. suka Well-Known Member

    ok, i'll bite- what's the other game? don't just throw stuff out- tell us where to go see the facts for ourselves instead of taking your word for it. i like to check things like this out just to see.
  5. suka Well-Known Member

    thought it was higher than that0 in fact seems i payed $10 each
  6. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    He knows Suka he just doesn't buy them unless they are on sale and forgot they are normally $10. He posted a retraction, but it kinda got lost as 1 post among 185.
  7. Feara Well-Known Member

    Did this change in the last 3 weeks?

    I pay by Walmart SC cards only. Usually 3 months at a time.

    1 card = 1 month sub + 500 SC or 2000 SC.

    Walmart SC cards give 500 SC free.
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  8. Hogarth Undead New Member

    Tera fits the bill for that description.
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  9. suka Well-Known Member

  10. Alenna Well-Known Member

    that's what I want to know. I"ve always gotten the 500 sc with a walmart card even when using it as a game card that has been one of the selling points for me.
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  11. Baylor New Member

    If anything I'd personally like to see a gold bonus in XP, mainly 90+, being a paying customer since roughly 2002-03 playing EQ1 I think I've not has a sub for 6 months in the last 10+ years and most of that time I've had 3 accounts... I've never complained about anything in the years of playing but I don't feel gold member are getting a huge perk at paying, my subs are up for renew for the year in about 2 weeks and I'm pondering on renewing them..
  12. RadarX Community Manager

    I'll double check this to be absolutely certain. I'll happily report how incorrect I am if this is the case. :)
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  13. Creamies New Member

    I'm still gonna stay gold regardless...
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  14. Evalaine New Member

    One thing they could do to make Gold worth its value as it stands is to eliminate "Selling Loot Rights." Lock characters to the instance upon entry. Anyone not in at the time of zone in is out of luck and could not loot. Mark items that drop "Cannot be traded to another player" and "Can be placed on the broker for sale". That way only Gold subscribers would profit. These items are being sold anyway. Might as well make the broker valuable again.
  15. Mae- Well-Known Member

    SLR is not the problem... why do people insist on bringing SLR up as the strawman to every issue in the game? Your idea screws raid guilds who must maintain a more-than-24 player roster to stay viable, thus requiring people to sit, and rotating people in and out for certain fights. We've been over this a few thousand times in the past, read any of those threads if you want more info.
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  16. Evalaine New Member

    I understand the challenges of raiding and leading raids, but to me this is a game mechanic issue that needs to be addressed. I've been with EQ2 since release as a Gold Member and had left when SLR made its opening debut. Since I've been back (again as a Gold Member), I see SLR has become common practice. This is just something that really turns me off as an avid gamer and is something that seems unique to EQ2 only.
  17. Lessien New Member

    You could sell loot rights to players in eq1 as well its not unique, and with WoW having the raid finder its not an issue because they are giving away loot to players left and right. Selling loot is not an issue. You may not like it but that doesnt make it an issue
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  18. Master Nala Member

    I don't understand your point. SOE just made it easier for you to play their game whether you choose to subscribe or not. If Gold is no longer worth it to you, then go to Silver. Personally, I've been here since beta and I have about 8 of those years subbed (currently on Gold). I thought it was great when I wasn't subbed that I could still play with restrictions and now I can even enjoy more of the game without paying for a sub. This encourages me to continue to play and spend money in the shop where before I might not play at all.

    I can't see the "slap in the face", frankly, I can't understand why you are upset at all.
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  19. Evalaine New Member

    My point is simply to increase the value of the broker by tagging items "Broker Only." That would add some appeal to having a Gold Membership and having full access to it. This is simply coming from someone who had left EQ2 for awhile and has had experience with other competing MMO's. I would think I am the type of person that Sony is trying to attract back to the game, not further alienate them because of their thoughts and opinions. :)
  20. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Again: If the number of subs decreases significantly because those who are paying for gold now decide that it's no longer worth the money, then SoE may loose too much money on EQ2 and the game may go away. The problem isn't that silver is getting more, the concern is without enough reason to be gold, people will stop doing so and revenue will go down for SoE. No money = no game. (( And don't forget the recent layoff, that's an indication that SoE doesn't have lots of extra cash sitting around. ))
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