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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sortilegus, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. Sortilegus New Member


    I am coming to you beacause I need help and explanation about this issue.

    I am a Gold member of EQ2 and have bought Tears of Veesham expansion.
    I have received as gift the mercenary Daeron and I have claim it. But when I try to use it, I got the message asking me to buy the features in the market 1500 SC.
    Please see this Everquest 2 page and this Everquest 2 page, There is ANY restriction mentioned with Gold membership.

    I have already sent many tickets for this issue but the personn who answered me seems to not undertand my questions and have just close the ticket ...
    Can anyone help me and tell me how or which expansion I need to buy to not be obliged to buy for each new content I will need to access.

    I have understood this is be SOE Policy with free to play membership. It is why I suscribed a Gold membership. To be allowed to play without any restriction or been obliged to buy something in a market.
    Thanks in Advanced for your help and answers

    A desperate EQ2 player
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  2. Mozil Active Member

    Do you have the ability to use mercenaries? Just like you can't use a flying mount that comes with an expansion without being level 85 and thus able to use flying mounts, you can't use an expansion exclusive mercenary without being able to use mercenaries in general.

    Mercenaries were a feature included in the Age of Discovery expansion, which later had all its features broken down so you could buy them individually if you didn't want the whole thing. I assume the mercenary feature is the purchase you're being asked to make.

    The expansion doesn't give you the mercenary feature as a freebie, just like it doesn't give the ability to use flying mounts as a freebie. It just means that when you use those features after unlocking them, you can use a special merc/mount/whatever that other people can't access.
  3. Sambril Well-Known Member

    The ability to use mercenaries is not part of the basic game or the Veeshan expansion. It was introduced along with other features in the Age of Discovery expansion and those features (mercenaries, tradeskill apprentices, beastlord class, dungeon maker and reforging) are now available as seperate purchases in the marketplace or as a bundle deal for all of them (with significant savings over buying all individually). Anyone who has a mercenary bought either AoD or the merc ability.
  4. blutree Member

    I fell for this ploy (false advertising by not disclosing what is and is not included) also by purchasing the collectors edition - mercs and researchers are all add ons and not part of the basic game - sorry bud but we got "used".

    really sucks! They'll get no more extra money from me for any add ons

    You won't get much sympathy from the forums either since most of the players seem to think this is OK and you should have known all about or done more research or read between the lines etc.

    Incredible isnt it?
  5. Griff Well-Known Member

    So, since the flying mounts were part of a previous release, you would have been alright with them charging you $15.00 to unlock the ability to use that mount? No, I guess not!

    There is a huge difference between a level requirement and a monetary additional expense to use a game feature.
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  6. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    that is why they are called additional features, AOD was a feature expansion NOT a regular expansion. This is not going to change in the foreseeable future, just like the freeblood race, you want to use it you pay for the feature
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  7. Ssrilith Member

    I also thought, though it was in fine print, that it said you must have mercs unlocked on your acct to use the featured merc in the expack, maybe im wrong.
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  8. Darkfoz Active Member

    Quick Google search brought up this
    One comment sums this up nicely;
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  9. Avianna Well-Known Member

    I have been a player of this game since launch and as for not a lot of sympathy from the players I will have to disagree... I think it is wrong for SOE to trick a new player into having to buy extra content to be able to use the rewards that came with the current content. As a gold member you should get the full game without restriction. Yes you should have to buy an expansion each year, but that expansion should include all content up to that point. Anything else over and above that should be included with your membership.
  10. Buggabug Member

    1. In game character window, mercenary tab big red writing telling you mercs require add on purchase
    2. Every merc description in the /claim window says "Requires Account Feature: Mercenaries"
    Stop complaining and learn to read.
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  11. blutree Member

    You are unique then and your views are much appreciated by all of us that got taken advantage if with this ploy.

    Gold members should have access to all features of a game - I understand lvl requirements and have no problem with that - but this is just wrong.

    It is NOT in the fine print on the page where you sign up for the package - it is hidden on a very old page and has since been removed - at least it was when I and several others signed up to purchase it.
  12. Alarra Active Member

    For a new player or returning player it can be difficult to comprehend what is included in the current packages. And what you need to buy to have a generally enjoyable experience.
    I will try to break it down in a friendly easy way (from my opinion):

    I will mark the things most players will find useful if they want to enjoy the game in an adventuring way without decorating and fluff. With the following [*].

    Tears of Veeshan Expansion ($40-$90 dependent on edition).
    Recommend Standard ($40).
    • All Previous Expansions (This does not include the Age of Discovery Feature Pack(it is not an expansion))[*]
    • Monk Mercenary[*]
    • Collectors edition includes prestige homes and fluff items
    • The current Tears of Veeshan Content[*]
    Gold Access (Krono/$10-15 per month depending on duration purchases)
    Recommend Krono or $15 per month sub until they finalize their All Access Subscription plans.
    Recommend mainly for double tokens and broker access, The others can be unlocked for a small fee from the market place if you don't decide to go gold.
    The below are all included in gold, I am just highlighting the things most players will find most beneficial.
    • Double tokens[*]
    • 15% more coin 10% mount speed
    • Fabled Spell access[*]
    • 7 Character slots
    • Broker system full access[*]
    • Full Customer Service[*] (Your mileage may vary, however mine has been very good with truly annoying issues)
    • Full in game mail usage
    Age of Discovery Pack (Full Pack 4000 SC from market place) I will break down the prices below
    Recommendations:1: Purchase only Reforging and Mercenaries.[*] (2500SC)
    Recommendations 2: If you want to use the Beastlord class grab the bundle instead.(4000SC)
    • Beastlord: 2500 SC (only if you intend to play this class)
    • Mercenaries: 1500 SC [*] (this is required to use your mercenary in the ToV Expansion pack)
    • Tradeskill Apprentice: 1000 SC (if you are interested in using in game crafting beyond level 90)
    • Reforging: 1000 SC [*]
    • Dungeon Maker: 1000 SC (not recommended in current state)
    Heroic Character; (3500 SC)(with try before you buy option)[*]

    This is a major grey area in the player base as to recommend it to a new player or returning player. Many feel that this is not a good recommendation as the player does not learn how to play their character properly.

    The main reason I recommend this is for a social aspect of the game, you will not encounter many people in the lower parts of the game, this is a 10 year old game with a mature player base, most people will be in the level 90-95 level areas. If you have the cash to spend, then take this option, if not, take the long route. You will have 5 levels and quite a few alternate advancement levels to overcome before you have to start on the main grouping area's and this still takes some time to do, Read up all your spells and abilities, join a guild and find out how to play your class in a group. Generally get a good couple of months of experience with your class in your guild groups before even attempting a Pick Up Group (PUG) . The ones advertised in in-game channels) they can be rough and unforgiving on the newer player.

    I always found that in an MMORPG it's more about grouping than soloing that you start to learn your class properly and see it shine.

    Good luck and Welcome to Norrath.

    I hope my post has been helpful.
  13. Ssrilith Member

    Nice post Alarra, that is handy for new players.
  14. Feldon Well-Known Member

    A features expansion was a bad idea (as evidenced by the fact that it has not been repeated by SOE). It has also led to frustration, confusion, and the customer-discouraging reality that to "buy the game" you must spend over $100.

    If Age of Discovery had been a regular expansion, then it would have been folded into the Gold sub by now and people would just be able to use Mercs out of hand without worrying. Also, I have to say it's just plain wrong to charge $70 for a Collector's Edition and not be able to use the key selling point of that CE -- the Merc -- without another purchase.
  15. Alarra Active Member

    I also believe it should be all bundled together in the game now, especially if you are buying the expensive version of the expansion.
    It is just too bad it is not, it is probably hurting them more than helping them with new players finding a larger up front cost than they were expecting. That would be something that their number crunchers would be more knowledgeable about though.
    In general a larger up front cost dissuades people from going further, leading to lower populations, lower subscription retention, lower development budgets, less content, less fun, so there you go a viscous circle.
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  16. Nuggs New Member

    As a new player, I'm glad I stumbled across this before buying the most current expansion. I originally started with EQ, which gives you mercs for free, even though it's a "feature".
  17. Sortilegus New Member

    Hello all,

    Many thanks for your answers.
    As a new EQ2 players I would appreciate to have these information on subscription page. An information telling me I will need to buy AoD features to access all the game content. SOE should point this point on his subscriotion page for sure.
    I now understand that Gold membership doen't give acces to all the game content.
    I also understand, AoD expansion/features is no more available or buyable elsewhere then market place as bundle for 4500SC or separately for 7000 SC.
    Many thanks, in one day you give me much information than one week discussion with support ...

    I will ask you a last thing ; do one of you know the way to find and get AoD entire bundle in market place ?
    Sorry for bad english

    Thanks again

    A less informed (may be stupid) EQ2 player ;)
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  18. Sambril Well-Known Member

    If you look under Features in the marketplace you should see Adventurer Feature Bundle for 4000 SC - This includes all the features that were once part of the AoD expansion for about the same price. I am not sure if it is still visible if you bought one of the features seperately.

    The Freeblood race also listed on the Features page was not part of AoD and is not included in the bundle. That has been a seperate purchase from its introduction (though existing subscribers at the time did get it for free).
  19. Finora Well-Known Member

    Only problem I see with your post is the merc wasn't just part of the CE for TOV. It was just a tack on addition to all TOV purchases. Collector's edition got you a house, mount, a couple of house items and some potions. The merc was included with both. They certainly need to put back their * by the merc on the "this expansion includes" page informing people that mercs are an additional purchase though one can easily see it is in game. Especially since they did include it with everything.

    My best advice for new players is always just log in and play for a while before you start throwing money at the game. Other than picking up soon to be gone silver membership, there isn't a lot that you would need early on unless you just HAVE to play a beastlord or channeler and you might get a better deal on the other stuff later.
  20. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    Sigh, it's just 1500 SC to unlock mercs. I am not one of the posters that likes to be unsympathetic, but there is just too much time spent complaining by some about how they want mercs for free...
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