Going to TLE, What's The Best Class For a Channeler?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by TinyRatongaofDoom, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. TinyRatongaofDoom Member

    Basically, I enjoyed playing Channeler a lot on the live server and I want to play on the TLE server for a bit, just for fun. Am going to use the same name I used for my main on the live server because why not?

    I am basically torn between Conjurer or Warden, but may go for Warlock.. not sure.
  2. Silver-Crow Member

    I've never really mained any of those 3, but i have played a channeller, and when i came to kaladim started a fury and have never looked back. Having heals, run speed, aoe and single target nukes, ports, invis and much more is fantastic.

    Basically every group needs heals and tankage. Everything else is DPS, so there's an awful lot of DPS classes competing for those remaining group spots. My choice would be Warden (based on playing a fury), but none of the choices are wrong. Why not play each class up to lvl 20, do a few groups, and then make a decision. You'll know then what feels right for you.
  3. Seth Active Member

    at the moment conjuror is probably not the best option as a lot of their skills are subpare... for now. Warden sounds like a good choice, but as silver said, i too also used to play a fury and loved it, but also have played a warlock and can safely say, warden or warlock both are a great and viable choice.
  4. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    If you like to heal, you will love Fury/Warden until Channelers, (if ever) come out on live. For now, they are not an option.
    All healers are equal in my opinion, it seems every time something happens you can say, "Oh, I wish I had a (healer type) here.
    Verdict for Inquisitor, Templar buffs, Fury/Warden's for single heal groups, Mystic/Defiler for damage and HPS. They all are just a lot of fun to play for their own reasons. You can't go wrong. But, if you like Channeler, for the new expansions coming, you may like Defiler or Warden best.
  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Warden have a truck load of wards , that's why they are called wardens , I love that tree , and if your not happy with a warsen you can always betray and play a fury . With a fury you get both dps and aoe s I had 3 blue ones and some green + pretty good healing .
    I have played warlocks from the first day I played the game and there are some really nice abilities they got .
    Don't underestimate the Conjurer either together with their pet they are good survivors and very important they can summon you , if you ever were late to raid and your raid force is deep inside a dungeon with repopping mobs you will be happy to be called .
    the Conjuror is the only one of the classes you mentioned that has no portal , that can be a nice convenience on a TLE server .
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  6. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Wardens are good, so are templars, furies and mystics.

    Defilers/Inquisitors have the option of betray or reroll.

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