Going defensive or offense AAs?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Laereneth, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Laereneth Guest

    Has anyone actually gotten a few skills down the STA line to confirm if the wording and the actual code coincide? Maybe the description has not been updated, but the code behind the skill has, to include larger shields.
    Just food for thougth.
  2. ARCHIVED-Nitz Guest

    As a zerk that tanks pick-up groups but never guild/raid groups I am going AGI first then STR.

    Does a haldberd count as an Axe or Great Axe? Not that important right now since I hope to have better than a cobalt halberd for a 2H by the time I start the STR line. The AGI line means leafblades will continue to own for zerkers.
  3. ARCHIVED-Mjollnyr Guest

    To a few other people whom were questioning the values of Defense, parry.

    From least avoidance per point to most avoidance per point

    1 defense < 1 parry < 1 deflection. 1 point of deflection will provide more raw avoidance then 1 point of parry, and parry provides more raw avoidance then 1 point of defense.

    I know we cant use deflection. But, since they are apart of avoidance for brawlers, and are found on item stats, i thought i'd mention it.

    Hope that makes some sense

    My interpretation of this line is it serves like open wounds. So it will hit 4 mobs outside encounter. Haven't accrued 25 AP's so i cant confirm for sure tho.
  4. ARCHIVED-Mjollnyr Guest

    Oh ya.

    My currently intended build is

    AGI: 4/4/8/5/8
    INT: 4/4/4/8/0

    This nets me.

    - 24% chance to AE auto-attack (or so i understand the ability at this time)
    - 5 points in defense. Not sure how much avoidance this'll get me, yet.
    - Tsunami buff, 12s of no melee damage from mobs.

    - 4 pnts into double attack, thats like 10% haste now?
    - 8 points in parry, since that'll add the most avoidance over defense.

    The INT line is not set in stone.

    I'm primarly going for tanking tho, over offense.
  5. ARCHIVED-KhayosAD Guest

    How about the top skill in the INT line... as a guildmate pointed out to me, reducing timers could be key in group/raid situations where getting off those extra taunts and CAs = aggro/dps.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mjollnyr Guest

    Reduces recast timers by 30%, and that half second pause between spamming CA's by 50%.

    So now you'll be able to taunt every 5-6s instead of 8seconds, and spam another CA right after every 0.25s instead of 0.5s :)

    I'm not sure this is worth the cost of eight APs, but thats up for debate.
  7. ARCHIVED-Benzeneironpants Guest

    Doesn't +defense go into mitigation and not avoidance ? Had a shield with +3 defense on it, and my mititation went up....
  8. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest

    No, defense only adds to avoidance, not mitigation. Did the sheild you got also have vs crushing, vs pericing, and/or vs slashing on it too? That adds to mitigation.

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