God of Shadows…I think?

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    In RoS at the end of the time line when we fight the emperor and release what’s her face from his body, she realized something about the wizard that was assisting us and the wizard ran off, I read the end when you talk to the head guy from that magic place you go to by holding that key (I say this because I can’t for the life of me think of their names and I’m on my phone).

    The Duality? Anyway that person runs off when you release the Goddess of Shadow from the emperors body. She calls him or her their real name. I can’t recall if I’ve asked before, but who was that person? And the Duality said something about her when we get the cloak.
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    It was Opal Darkbriar who Luclin reveals after the fight. She's popped up at several points throughout Norrath's history, and can be found way back in EQ1 as well. I'm not sure if she's a necromancer, a wizard, an illusionist, or something else, but others here should know more. She was posing as Head Scholar Nabihan, possibly the entire time (The Duality does mention the possibility of a spy in an earlier questline, and presumably that was her.)

    The gem she uses can imprison minds or souls (I don't remember which.) We helped Opal to use the gem on the Khati Sha earlier in the RoS signature line, and now she's used the gem on Emperor Ssra. I'm not sure if Opal now has the Emperor imprisoned in her gem, or if something else is going on. She'll very likely pop up again in the near future.
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    Ohhhh yes I remember now! Thanks. I’m pretty sure someone has told me, but it slipped my mind
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    The City of Freeport questline involves her quite a bit. She's basically the world's greatest enchanter in the same vein that Lady Najena is a complete master over all forms of conjuring and elementalism. Can't exactly pin either of them down to one specific class by EQ2's mechanical standards.
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    Like Najena, she's been around since well before the Shattering so what she is doesn't exactly line up with the current class scheme. In EQ1 she was an enchanter. In EQ2 that would roughly equate to a coercer/illusionist hybrid.
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    she is mostly a illusionist i remember there is a quest i forgot the name but we fight her in the temple of war and she casts illusions pets to attack you at some point but since eq2 is another timeline she could be basically anything (mage) bellengere the third mentions himself as a generalist mage in the epic 2.0 mage,in the quest we learn that mages are cannonically Overpowered so that's all folks
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    Actually, in EQ1, she was like Miragul and had mastered multiple forms of arcane magic, but her primary was necromancy as she was the head of the Divine and then Dismal Rage and the Church of the Firstborn, which was predominantly necromancers and shadowknights. She had an amulet (referenced by Luclin in that quest, in fact) that allows her to siphon souls from people and she uses that to take over their identities, giving her access to their magics. So, in EQ1, she was with the necromancers AND the wizard guildmaster.

    Depending upon what lore you consider canonical (although there are hints of EQ2 lore that support this story), Opal Darkbriar is a Firstborn and one of the prophesized Elddar 3 who could not fall in battle along with Aataltaal. The three entered the Plane of Hate to rescue their king and queen and were trapped there and transformed into teir'dal. She plays a long shadow game against Aaltaaltaal to control and manipulate Norrath's fate and she has over 20 identities that we know of.