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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Dilon, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Aord New Member

    I noticed you said you are an Elementalist, so you'd probably want to drop you Surge of Ro points spent in Wizard tree, since all your spells do cold damage with Elemental Avatar buff and won't trigger it anymore.
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  2. Dilon Active Member

    With the appropriate planar rune, Surge of Ro increases crit bonus overcap by 50. The reason that AA allocation was important is to keep that bonus overcap active for as long as possible. Currently, due to changes in gear, most players are not at their crit bonus cap and so this is not as important. But for those players who are at their cap, the extra time on Surge of Ro remains very important. The proc damage was never the reason to take this AA.
  3. Aord New Member

    Valid point back in PoP, but not anymore. I just looked at your char profile and noticed you had it still.
  4. Dilon Active Member

    With all temp buffs going I am at my crit bonus cap during fights. So this AA remains important for me.
  5. Dilon Active Member

    I am wondering ... is there interest in an updated guide for Chaos Descending content? I've been toying around with one.
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  6. Aord New Member

    Well, bring it on! I enjoyed your initial post and even though I have been playing a Wizard from 2005 till 2019 (holy shoot!) I still can get new ideas from fellow mages. You always learn. (Someone would say you'll never learn after 14 years, hehe). Wizard class rarely enjoyed love from game devs, but it's such a fun class to play I never regretted being a Wizard.
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  7. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    There are a couple of general guides for how to get going in Chaos Descending in the forums now, but discussing what a wizzy might want to change up about AA and/or cast order would probably be of interest. All AA that boosted POT pretty much seems to now do a tiny amount of Fervor instead, for example.
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  8. Vogie Active Member

    IMO making a guide to not include ascensions is the way to go. Elementalist cast order differs from Etherealist and from Thaum etc. If you make a guide have it directed to the class specifics leaving ascension types out. Let the player decide what ascension and how they want to weave in their spells imo.
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  9. Dilon Active Member

    I will try my best to do this. As I am sure you know, ascension spells are so important that it's tough to write a guide that does not incorporate them. But I will do my best.
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  10. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Well,not necessarily. Because Ascension spells cast so very slow, they don't do as much DPS as some of your profession spells. If you have the Rune: Planar Ascension you cast a little faster, but still it's not as efficient as a lot of other things you could be doing. If you need a big smack and have the time to burn while casting it, then an Ascension is great.But they're not the end-all and be-all of spells.
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  11. Vogie Active Member

    The problem arises when someone with ancients makes a cast order vs someone with apprentice or expert level spells. There is a HUGE difference in prioritizing ascensions based on levels.
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  12. Drona Well-Known Member

    Please write one! And please include ascension(s) as well in there. I am thinking of making an alt wizard so It will really be helpful. Thanks in advance :)
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  13. Magmag Active Member

    I strongly recommend you play a warlock instead unless you're just set on a wizard. Warlocks are better at everything right now and more fun. I played a wizard from launch until PoP but if they don't fix the class he's dead to me. They are boring and in such an awful spot right now. Even an awesome wizard with the best gear like Talduke can't make the class look worth playing. RIP wizards
  14. Drona Well-Known Member

    Ah thanks for the advice. I am not fixed on Wizard but i hear that Warlock got nerfed bad this expansion? I grouped with few wizards and Warlocks this expansion but the wizards seems to do well or hold their own compared to warlocks. last expansion, I have not seen a wizard out dps Warlocks but thats not the case now!

    I don't raid much in EQ2 these days so I am going by experiences in groups. Also I figured that there are more Warlocks than wizards, I can get some cheap wizard masters :D
  15. Vogie Active Member

    Wizards are still okay, I understand Magmag's upset that Wizard's Fiery Blast is horrible but it doesn't make the class bad. The biggest downfall with Wizard's right now is the lack of Fusion period. The cooldown is too long and the chance to reset is too small for Wizards to remain competitive on long fights. Another complaint is AOE fights are just plain made for Warlocks, Wizards don't have the keep up power outside of Fusion resets. More Fusion more winning.

    As far as competing I know Talduke was in the exact same spot on the DPs meters as a warlock and a Wizard. He out gears a good chunk of his guild mates and as such ends up just behind the 2 assassins.

    In the end if you enjoy playing a Wizard then play one, if you're worried about topping the meters roll Assassin cause they are "it" this expansion.
  16. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    I spoke to talduke while running zones yesterday. He said he gained almost 25% dps when he made the switch. Its not fiery blast being bad that makes wizards terrible. Its everything else that is bad that makes them terrible.
  17. Twisty Well-Known Member

    this is a misunderstanding on either side or out of context of some sort. what is that stated 25% exactly. cause his average single-target dps didn't go up or down 25% when he switched in either direction. we talking particular AE fight? specific situation? class-specific dps only (which would also be false)?
  18. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    of course they parse about the same on 1 minute burst fights because ascensions. But over long duration fights wizards are ******* useless. They have nothing in their arsenal that's great outside fusion/hellfire/frozen rain. They are just the worst dps class in the game given equal gear and skill. All you have to do is look at the abilities ffs. They're awful.
    Instant cast rift, toxic assault, instant cast Apoc, are easily better than the wizard toolkit. Plus cata is still pretty good.
    ST I bet Warlocks are 5-10% better at least when it's a long fight and AE fights it ain't even close.
  19. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    probably 25% on aoe. he said the number 25
  20. Shaoli Member

    What you are saying is absolutely wrong given how does ability doublecast work and who benefis from it the most. Just post (ask someone) for a 10 min non-ascenscion dummy parse. I will do the same later today.