Gifts From Prexus Completely Bugged

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Gaarysal, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Bregdania Active Member

    When I did this twice a few weeks ago the first time grouped with a Stamper mercenary waiting outside along with the other person - I couldn't kill the Undead Othmir. The attacks just wouldn't register on the Undead Othmir so they maintained full health (lol in undead) If I ungrouped it also didn't work properly while the Mercenary was still with me. It would appear that you need to be entirely solo for this quest to work.

    To fix this, I zoned out - re-logged (to be sure the cache or whatever was cleared) and dismissed the Mercenary and did not group before zoning in where I was able to do the quest fine both times.
  2. Prrasha Well-Known Member

    That quest has always had that bug, since day one. If you're grouped (with a player or a merc)--even though you can't bring groupmates into that instance with you--you can't touch those othmir.
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  3. Bregdania Active Member

    Totally agree although I'd hoped over time it had been debugged so I had to give it a go while grouped etc. just to see :)
  4. Tallithia New Member

    Someone please fix this quest already!! been running around the village to 'explore it' using way points from wiki and zam and nothing, nadda, zilch. i am so tired of killing these dang zombies!!
  5. Tallithia New Member

    never mind...this was my bad. :p
  6. Elinea Well-Known Member

    Four years later, this is still bugged. Now that this is required for Epic 2.0 on a few classes, I was running two priests through the Cobalt Scar timeline and got stuck exactly how it's been posted here. I had to Google-fu to find this thread and discover that I need to disband the group (after dying 3 or 4 times when no attacks worked and I could just stand there and die).

    Just thought the devs who posted that a fix was in should didn't work.
  7. Mindsway Well-Known Member

    I'm not grouped but I still had issues. The procs from any of the buffs use power, and once power gets so low then the procs stop working. I had to basically sit there with Spirit of the Turtle because it has a damage reduction, auto attack the mobs for a few minutes and hope I kill them first.
  8. MelissaB63 New Member

    This quest is still borked. I dropped group. No merc. The first time you use a spell it drains your mana completely. Auto attack doesn't work. You have to stand there with turtle shell up and let it thorn them to death.

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