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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by FalconClash, Jul 26, 2021.

  1. FalconClash Active Member

    Long have I wanted cool looking Gis for my Monk, but most seem either really High LvL, Marketplace, or hard-to-get Drops. One I had my eye on once, Disciple's Gi of the Dragon, she out-leveled the mob awhile ago, and thus can't get the drop anymore. I've seen some in the broker but I can't buy them as a free player (and 140p seems a bit steep)

    Are there other options?
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  2. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Please visit Ouka's Great Gi Gallery on Maj'dul (Mara Estate prestige, Qeynos). I have everything you're looking for there. What few gis I have there that don't have books just yet-- I just haven't written them, but I know how to get them.
  3. FalconClash Active Member

    Thank you, I'll have to look. :) ...I NEVER KNEW THERE WERE SO MANY!!! How do I Choose?!

    She currently wears the Halloween armor, which is actually pretty awesome, but I want more options.

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  4. Holvarn New Member

    Visit a chronomage in most cities, the most obvious of which is near the docks in Qeynos, next most obvious is right near the world bell in Greater Faydark. Chrono to the level you want, kill the mob until you get the drop. Then /unmentor to get back to your level.
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  5. Holvarn New Member

    Spoiler, this is the best instance for Gi, if you have a female character: It's strangely not listed in the dungeon timeline. Well kept secret. You may need an actual group if you're not far above the level of the dungeon. Look for a guide if you find that you can't one shot the last boss. I don't remember the mechanic anymore.
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  6. FalconClash Active Member

    Thank you, Holvarn, if the drops in the Palace are tradeable my Zerker (100H) might be able to handle it solo.

    All my characters are Female :)

    Edit------ Well that's one down, Took HOURS even using my Berserker to quick-thrash the leopards

  7. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    That's the generic Sathiran style gi that is spread out across numerous trash mobs across the game. I can't even make a write-up on it yet because I can't think of a proper name other than "Generic Sathirian Gi".
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  8. FalconClash Active Member

    It's the Disciple's Gi of the Dragon from the Blood-thirsty Snow Leopards in Everfrost.

    I don't care if it's generic, it matches the hat. LoL
    I'd like to collect all the color variations, the Dragon-styles too.
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  9. Ephras Active Member

    Wow Cusashorn, that's an impressive collection of GIs you have there on Maj'dul!

    I collected GIs to decorate my hallway upstairs at Ephra's Villa in FS on Halls of Fate. It was an interesting project which took several weeks to complete.

    Spoiler Alert: Here's some information about where to get GIs.

    Style 1 - GIs with original Monk style (with minimal upper chest coverage):

    Monk's Harness (1) - White gi, no shoes.

    Gi of the Silent Fist Initiate (20) - Light-brown or tan gi - Reward from quest "Selwyn's Errands - Part VI" in South Qeynos.

    Stone Apprentice Gi (40) - Light gray or stone gi - Loot from some Treasure Chest of mobs in Lavastorm.

    Initiate's Threaded Gi (10) - Brownish gray or taupe gi - Reward from quest "A New Dress, NOW!" in Antonica.

    {Blessed} Martial Bear Pelt Gi (90) - Redish/brown gi - Tailor-crafted from recipe in Tailor Essentials Volume 95.

    Martial Reptile Hide Gi (92) - Greenish gi - Tailor-crafted from recipe in Advanced Tailor Volume 95.

    Wu's Fighting Shirt {Gi} (70) - Dark Greyish gi - Loot from Castle Mistmoore - part of Wu's Fighting Gear.

    Style 2 - GIs with upper chest coverage partially gray in colour:

    Sathirian Manslayer Leather Gi (72) - Gray/yellow gi - Faction merchant in Jarsath Waste - Eviss Ryiss @ -106, -41, 1107.

    Hanshi's Gi of the Tiger (40) - Gray/white gi - There are many of these with a different name and level.

    Martial Gi of Sathirian Control (68) - Gray/orange gi - Drops from Greater Shardbone (skeleton) in Kylong Plains near 1103, 150, -1909.

    Twark Battlemaster's Leather Gi (100) - Gray/red gi - Tailor-crafted level 100 recipe in Bloody Tooth Tailoring Essentials.

    Style 3 - GIs with full chest coverage and wide belt (not for female mannequins - bare legs):

    Resilient Grandmaster's Gi (70) - White/tan gi - Reward from quest "Lord Falish" in Loping Plains?

    Ascendant's Gi of Stability (86) - Brown gi - Reward from quest "Bountiful Berries" from Zhou Yin in Stonebrunt Highlands.

    Uniform of the Forest Assassin (1) - Green/black gi - From festival merchant.

    Hanshi's Gi of Prowess (40) - Red/black gi - Reward from quest "Steam-Powered Spies" in Steamfont Mountains.

    Artisan's Formal Ensemble (1) - Purple/black gi - From quest "Senior Crafter Service".

    Style 4 - GIs with a style other than above:

    Sathirian Drangonslayer Leather Gi (72) - Black/gray/teak gi - Faction merchant in Jarsath Waste - Eviss Ryiss @ -106, -41, 1107.

    Ascendant's Raging Tiger Gi (81) - Blue/red/orange - Reward from quest "Lack of Documentation" in Sundered Frontier.

    Mauve Dragon Gi (1) - Lore - temporary - From city merchant - stays on mannequin but dissapears from inventory.

    Blue Dragon Gi (1) - Lore - temporary - From city merchant - stays on mannequin but dissapears from inventory.

    Teal Dragon Gi (1) - Lore - temporary - From city merchant - stays on mannequin but dissapears from inventory.

    Other GIs:

    Expert's Gi of Ability (30) - Grey gi (same colour and style as other gray gi) - Reward from quest "Watch Your Step in The Thundering Steppes, Part IV".

    Mentor's Gi (40) - Looks like Monk's Harness - Reward from quest "Big Wiggly Lizards" in Feerrott.

    Resilient Grandmaster's Gi (70) - Off-white gi with boots (NO-TRADE) - Reward from quest "Descamus' Payment" in Kylong Plains.

    Ascendant's Raging Tiger Gi (81) - Bluis/Redish outfit - not the usual Gi appearance - Reward from quest "Lack of Documentation" in The Sundered Frontier.

    Obdurate Awe Leather Tunic (100) LORE NO-TRADE - From the Plane Traveler's Kit: Leather.
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  10. FalconClash Active Member

    Thank you, Ephras. Ill have to look into those. I see a few there she can manage at her current level.
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  11. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    I have every gi in the game (that can still be obtained) except for one that drops off a contested epic that only drops 2 items among a loot pool of over 60.

    I categorize them by expansion and style (Monk, Brawler, Bruiser, Faydwere, Sathirian, Dragon, Thalumbra, Dress, Shissar, Elemental, etc), not physical descriptions which are much harder to actually describe. I don't count Uniform of the Forest Assassin or Artisan's Formal Ensemble as dress-style gis because they're not leather chest pieces that give a full-body appearance. Yes, I am nitpicking there, because those formal dresses were put into the game long before more combat-style dresses were added to the game specifically for brawlers to wear.
  12. FalconClash Active Member

    Well, Hanshi's Gi of Prowess is not Black/Red, its quite Blue/White/Gold(or Tan?) actually.
    (I don't like that there seems to be a rip in the left sleeve, is that a glitch?)

    At least it still kinda goes with the hat...
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  13. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Which race? There are some known clipping issues with the Vah Shir model, and the older-style gis like the monk and bruiser variants are a bit on the low resolution side.
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  14. Ephras Active Member

    Yes FalconClash you're right. The Hanshi's Gi of Prowess in my Villa looks like gold/blue/purple on the female mannequin, but it's red/black/silver on the male mannequin facing her. But I don't see a rip in the sleeve. I forgot to mention in my original post that I was listing information about male mannequins, since all my characters are males and mostly all Monks. Sorry about the confusion. Also, I checked a few things and noticed I made a few mistakes. I'd say my original post is only about 90% accurate. But hey, this is a game. Have fun!

    I tried to post images in this forum before but I was unsuccessful. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.
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  15. FalconClash Active Member

    Half-Elf Female. Too bad, I like it otherwise, even if it is a bit more revealing that the others. I guess monks can be Saxy, not something I ever really considered.

    I was looking forward to a Black/Red one, but blue is nice too
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  16. Holvarn New Member

    Grats! :)
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  17. FalconClash Active Member

    I'm going to have to craft my own Mannequins so they dont start clogging up my Inventory/storage. Good thing my tailor is high enough level/faction to get the recipe book and make them.
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  18. FalconClash Active Member

    How about this?...

    (( "This common Sathiran-style gi can be obtained from multiple sources around Norrath and under several different names (All are identical in appearance and color, but levels vary)

    EverFrost - Disciple's Gi of the Dragon - Drops from {a Bloodthirsty Snow Leopard} Rare spawn (No questing required)

    Thundering Steppes - Expert's Gi of Ability - Quest line from Jacques near Antonica Griffin Tower, "Watch Your Step", Part IV awards Gi.

    Zek, the Orcish Wastes. - Hanshi's Gi of the Tiger - Long Quest line Starting with Mess Sergeant Akseltz at the Docks. Must do all quests up to "Maintaining the Grassblade Flow" given by Orca in an alcove behind Deathfist Lookout" ))

    ...add whichever others that may exist
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  19. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Well, it's not that. They all have the same appearance for radically different names. If there was enough of them to established a naming pattern for the book itself, I could write that as the title. I can't just write it as "Generic Sathirian Gi". All of these were also added into the game during the reitemization of 2011, which happened right after I had left the game for 8 years. It's like how I wrote the white Monk gi as "Chainweave Gi" because that was **THE** first gi in the game, despite adding a few examples of others you can get from mobs or quests.
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  20. Torri Active Member

    i just boosted my poor neglected Barbarian Monk to 120 and the best part was rediscovering the Crafted Deathfist Citadel Adept Blood Hide set as modeled by Dominati Demande on EQ2 Traders

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