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  1. Ceese New Member

    Just started playing with the family and have a couple questions. Some background: we just started playing as a family (4 accounts). I've had this account for many years(8 years or so of rewards I saw in claim) so have a slew of veteran things I could claim but so far leaving all 4 accounts freebie to keep xp consistent. I've only claimed a bag I think. I will eventually all-access 1 or 2 accounts. We are basically just questing and crafting and wandering around. I basically don't want to sub 4 accounts but don't mind doing it on 1 or 2 accounts. Main reason for playing eq2 is to avoid paying for 4 accounts in another game 2 of us have been playing.


    1. Bags: Are there easy options for increased bag size not via crafting available for free accounts? Quests or such?

    2. Mercs: I think I have one veteran claim for a tank type merc but how do I see if my account is flagged for mercs? I don't see the shop option to just buy the ability to use them. Just the option to buy them. I'm guessing we will need 2 damage types as we have tank/healer/2 mages. Any suggestions or point to a guide would be nice. We will likely explore some of the dungeons as we wonder on our xp journey so figured filling out the party with a couple mercs may be useful. Free options or purchased ones work.

    Thanks for any info and happy adventuring!
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  2. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    There are two Heritage quests that award larger bags, plus you can buy larger bags on the broker or from the Marketplace.'s_Stolen_Goods

    You can find out more about mercenaries and their capabilities here:

    You can also find out which accounts, if any, have the mercenary feature by using this slash command in-game: /show_account_features

    Your 8 YO account likely does have mercs - they were added to EQ2 with Age of Discovery, December 6th 2011.

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  3. Seefar Well-Known Member

    Welcome back to Norrath!

    Q1: If you're on Halls of Fate server, we have a Local Hero called Canoptic who often gives out free 48-slot bags. He announces himself in general chat. Watch out for him! :)

    Q2: Mercs suck. Just say 'no' to mercs. Make friends instead! :D
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  4. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Aww, @Seefar... I love mercs! :cool:
  5. Ceese New Member

    Wonderful. Thanks for the info.

    Will have to look for those bag quests when we get there. Till then looks like crafted it is. Think I'm going to hold off on all-access. I think the last time I tried playing with the kiddo I was and he wasn't and I'd pull away. I guess I could adjust the AA percentage to make up the difference though. Maybe...

    We are on Maj'Dul but not looking for hand outs although that is super cool that someone is doing that on your server. Always nice to see folks contribute to community.

    Thanks for the merc check command. I had not seen that anywhere. That will be helpful.

    I also agree it is better to play with others but I'm just looking into the option as alternatives are nice when considering I'm playing with 2 smaller kids and a wife who doesn't really care to game. So just trying to be mindful of others.

    Thanks again
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  6. Ceese New Member

    Looks like I don't have the Merc feature. If I buy the expansion($30 version) does that come with it? That wiki link seems to indicate so but just wanted to confirm. Thought I saw on another wiki that it did not. Any pro's/con's to going that route rather than just buying 2 unlocks for free account given that we won't be doing current connect anytime soon?
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  7. Jaden Well-Known Member

    Ceese, welcome back and enjoy playing with your family; it will be fun. Yes, adjust your paid account AA sliders and you'll get loads of AA's and still stay within range of others who may level slower or have less playtime. Playing with your significant other/wife/kids/friends is the most fun! The option to be able to solo/and/or use a merc for some play times is just icing on the cake. I came back after many, many years and totally love Norrath, even with all the changes, some class imbalances etc., there is no other game out there that holds me ^-^; some fun ones, but they are just NOT Norrath!! Hope you have an awesome summer ingame, and find out things your sweetie responds positively to and then bunch up play times around that. Careful though, soon enough she may be (1) ignoring you somewhat to focus on her fun stuff ingame (whether it be completionist-leanings for titles, shinie conquering, crafting great gear etc for your families various characters, grouping up for dungeon running, having fun getting rewards during all the many holiday events, or getting into the endless options of housing and decor --*hint join /homeshow), and (2) looking at the family recreational section of your budget with an eye toward cash store fluff!! Good journeys!
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  8. Nelenerap Member

    Welcome back!

    My wife and I play (Lifetime Subs) and our 3 kids all have accounts as well (2 free and 1 paid). Having a subed account and a f2p account, the subed account is going to level faster because xp is cut some for f2p accounts.

    I feel your pain about trying to motivate the family to get in game and play together. Trying to get my kids logged in iis harder than getting them to go to the dentist! I just try to not pressure them and when they do decide to play, I mentor down to their level and go blow stuff up. Don't know if f2p has access to them or not, but the agnostic dungeons would work well if all 4 of you can get in there.

    As for mercs, I wouldn't bother with one right now. Your group of 4 should be more than capable of taking on level appropriate content. Now if you're soloing, I'd get an Inquisitor merc.
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  9. Ceese New Member

    Thanks for the info and encouragement. Wanting to play is not much of an issue for us. The kids always want to play so it has been a fun family activity (don't tell them they are working on reading/math skills though!). Mostly just complicated for me as I have to digest all the info to help shape their play experience so it is not so overwhelming. None of the 3 can really manage 4 bars of abilities so its a lot of figuring out how to simplify it so they can focus on a limited subset. Not to mention when one of them gets lost chasing sparkles and harvesting nodes! Works well so far for questing/exploring. It will be fun to see how they handle a dungeon environment when one of them turns a corner and agros a full room!

    It has been fun/laid back for me though as this has been a bit of a reminder of how gaming used to be for me. More about the journey and the fun to be had when logging in with simple goals the session. Not just blowing through levels to chase the endless cycle of the next raid and tier of gear.

    With the mercs I was mostly thinking about making an over pull more manageable but I'll see where that goes eventually!
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  10. ttobey Developer

    Welcome Back to Norrath!
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  11. Blazen Active Member

    Ceese, I know you are not looking for handouts but resources are free and crafted items will make the game more enjoyable. I'm rarely on your server because I mostly play on the AB server but if you send me a PM with your character(s) name I will be more than happy to craft whatever you need. Welcome back.
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  12. Ceese New Member

    Blazen, thank you for the kind offer. For now we are good. I grabbed a bag of coins with tokens so we have bag storage covered. We had to reconfigure our group as my son decided tanking was too stressful so we are still very low level and getting everyone back on the same page.

    At this point things die if someone sneezes so things are good. Will definitely look you up later if a craftable need comes up!
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  13. Bella222 Active Member

    Just get one all=access account. Then you can buy and sell and get your claims and adjust your slider on your main account. That's what I did for my grandchildren.
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  14. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    I switch sub every month. 6 accounts. Level and do summer quests. Throw stuff on the broker during the month. Keeps it fair for family. Atm though, too painful to level up the one that is sub this month. ☹️ So each is sub 2 months per year tops.
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  15. Neranya New Member

    One thing I've been playing around with is Appearances. As you've probably seen, when you upgrade gear the appearance can change. For example, if your current legs are plate and you put on chain, obviously the appearance of the legs will change. If you like the way the legs looked with plate leggings on, select the Appearance tab on your character sheet and put the old plate leggings in the legs slot. That will preserve the 'plate' look for your legs, even if the new legs you have equipped is chain.
    Once you get your appearance the way you want it, you can maintain it as you continue to upgrade your gear.
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  16. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    With the wardrobe tab (need expansion) you can use any level or class item on appearance. Even 2 lore weapons

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