Getting Launchpad Error: Client's Version Doesn't Match Server

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Sochia, Sep 2, 2022.

  1. Sochia New Member

    Any ideas on how to solve this? I tried rerunning the patcher, "Validating Game Assets" and even deleting the test files and downloading them again. It seemed kind of late for there to still be downtime this isn't what I usually see when the server is down.
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  2. Mallegar New Member

    Don't have any suggestions to solve this but am here to voice that I am also experiencing this. Live servers all seem to work fine, just test that is affected.
  3. Gelenor Active Member

    Same issue. Login rejected" the client's version does not match the server's. please re-run the patcher. Did exactly what Sochia did and no success. Might be a patch issue
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  4. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Same here.

    (patcher and server aren't on the same build it seems)
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  5. Jexia New Member

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  6. Tkia Well-Known Member

    There was obviously an incorrect or missing file patched up last night. We'll probably have to wait for Bunji to get up and see this before it can get fixed.
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  7. Raeven Active Member

    Getting the same thing.
  8. Test Taffies Active Member

    I'm getting this error as well. My daughter decided to come back and play after her dad passed away a few years ago. However she does not want to play on a live server right now. Too many memories for her I guess. So... test server it was going to be, as we both had tons of fun there when she was a wee one. Long weekend and now at the moment we cannot play. *sigh* probably means she will bail on me. LOL (long explanation no one needed, I know. sorry.)

    I however will still want to jump back in on test.

    Tried the running of the patch files scan, the one that scans all files. It found nothing.

    Any fixes in the works this?
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  9. Morte Member

    Exact same problem here. From what I can see, no one on the test server is able to get on. If we are going to lose ALL or most of the double experience bonuses due to this problem, how about giving people some free experience potions to make up for it?
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  10. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Still an issue but it's a holiday weekend and Test is the "red-headed step child" so it may not get addressed until Tuesday?
    So much for double exp and marketplace sale.
  11. Denmum Developer

    Kander has been trying to reach one of the Code people to get this fixed.
  12. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Still not fixed and I am sure they are all out of the office. Like I said, it's not live servers with this issue so it isn't important.
  13. Denmum Developer

    Test IS important, but if we can't reach the people who have the access/skills that can do something about it, all we can do is keep trying to reach them. :( The downside of it being the last big holiday weekend before we go into crunch time for 3 months is that people may actually be truly out of reach.
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  14. Mallegar New Member

    Thank you for the situation update.

    Hopefully someone is available, would hate to miss the marketplace sale entirely, but family / personal time is equally important.
  15. Test Taffies Active Member

    Yep holidays are great for spending time with family and since its before the so called crunch time of the year for the devs (scratches head as it seems to my recollection that its always been crunch time for the devs). Anyway, nice break for everyone in the USA. Hope everyone enjoys it.


    since its just the test server that is being affected maybe they can extend the member/sale bonuses on test a bit longer for compensation of not being allowed to access it for what is now 24 hours plus. (just a thought/suggestion).

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  16. Raeven Active Member

    Realistically, the Test server exists for the benefit of the company, to test and de-bug things before they go on live servers. From what I have seen, the total population of the server during times when new content is not being tested (like now) is usually between 10-20 players. So I don't expect devs to go racing to fix it on a USA holiday weekend.

    I am enjoying playing on Test, and grateful it exists with the benefits it has, which allows me to test out different classes and races easily. I can be patient and play on other servers until it is fixed.

    But, as others have suggested, extended time for the weekend bonuses that Test is missing out on would be nice :)
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  17. Morte Member

    Actually, I can't see them extending the experience time because of the expensive coding that would be required. HOWEVER, I would like to see, which wouldn't involve coding or expense, the company give us maybe 10 two -hour experience potions to make up for the loss of experience time. I would be happy with that.
  18. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    What is amazing and that we're all here, patiently waiting. If it was a live server, people would have screamed bloody murder and it would have been fixed (tbh, I seem to remember the same thing happening on Storms back in the days and getting a 12h+ downtime, but as they used to send patches by carrier pigeons, we were used to it too).
  19. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    What's amazing? That Test server doesn't warrant the same attention as live servers?
    Maybe you're patient as you always play there. I miss Test and I am behind. This was the first weekend since VoV launch, that I wasn't committed to running in my raid guild's groups. I was so excited to finally play on Test for three days and try and catch up.
    Now I will have to wait until November or later.
  20. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Is test up and working for y'all now?