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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by nawimgoodthanks, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. nawimgoodthanks New Member

    Thinking of joining the Kaladim server, but was wondering how much work Im going to have to put in,
    and wether or not its worth it. I really only enjoy raiding in these games, everything else is pretty boring to me, I heard the itemization is ruining raids? Anyways how long to get caught up and raid ready generally? Are raids fun at all. Currently playing on eq1 TLEs and have no problem with raid content, is it much worse?

    Really wish there was a well done eq2 TLE because I never played eq2 much, and it sounds like so much fun, if done right.
  2. Silver-Crow Member

    EQ2 on Kaladim is fine with plenty people online, and it's still early enough in progression that p2w and stupid stats on gear is not a thing. Additionally the later expacs lack much content, so you're not missing much.

    The EOF expac has just landed however, so most people are taking time off from alts, so the early pug scene is a little sparse just now... however give it a month or so and there will be groups at all levels again.

    Basically if you want to enjoy EQ2 play on Kaladim. Live is all locked behind gear, and the jump from solo to heroic to raid is just too much unless you want to drop alot of cash.

    I tried live when i came back, gave it up as a bad job and came to Kaladim. I've never looked back.
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  3. nawimgoodthanks New Member

    Ok, thanks but keep in mind all I care about is raiding. How is the raiding experience, I heard it was bad.
  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    If you are just in it for the nostalgia and have fun messing around with some friends, then it's fine.

    If you want to experience the content even remotely close to how it was a decade ago, you will be disappointed.

    Itemization and raid balance is a mess. I am sure if you scroll around on this forum, you will see many of the concerns about the current state of the server. Some of it is delivered better than others, but the sentiment is mostly the same.
  5. Sixgauge Active Member

    Give it a shot, there's like 10 raid guilds, so can't be that bad.
  6. Rayzor Member

    It sounds like you're experienced in MMOs. If you bust it to get level 70 in a week or so, you can hit the heroic dungeons for 3-4 hours a day for a week in a decent group and be totally geared for raids while achieving the cap of 100 AA. You'll be about as well geared as almost as anyone else on the server. This is a forgiving game right now for people creating a new character with heroic content having raid-comparable gear.
  7. Kittik Well-Known Member

    I don't think the raiding is bad. My guild is a bit casual but we raid. We wipe from time to time on mobs we know so they aren't complete push overs. Plus with EoF's introduction of strats vs. raid mobs it's all good fun. We have fun because we don't have someone who's done these raids (recently i.e. last 5-7 years) so figuring them out is fun and ppl in the raid force enjoy trying to solve the puzzle too.
  8. nawimgoodthanks New Member

    Ok, good info thanks guys.
  9. nawimgoodthanks New Member

    Server will die in about a year with SoF im reading, but a year is a good amount of time. Hopefully they will retool the raids or something for next TLE.
  10. Mingle New Member

    I think this server is wonderful ! We're recruiting @ Rel In Por and building a raid force... hit me up in game :)

    < Rel In Por >
  11. Mingle New Member

    PS i'm a veteran EQ1 player and raider... and this is my first run through of EQ2... so my perspective may be different than those who have previous EQ2 experience.

    From EQ1 experiencing EQ2 for first time and going through a lot of the content and some raids so far ... its super fun and exciting! Especially a lot of the EQ1 nostalgia in heritage quests and such.

    < Rel In Por >
  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I think the raids are interesting enough in this expansion , not to easy and not to hard .
    Guilds are still gearing up to defeat some of the raids still getting better as they go
    join a good guild , there is a special Guild recruiting thread on the forum .
    And find out what classes are still looked for and if it's the one you would like to play .
    Anyhow come and join us
    TLE servers also have at least one perk the regular servers don't have , the Hunter missions that grant you Equipment that is as good as raid gear or at least close .
    I would at least do some heritage quests to get extra big bags .
    Any heritage quest you finish will grant you a ticket for any of your toons on this account to pick up a slightly lower , equal or in some cases better ( bags 52 slots or 56 slots) version of the reward .
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  13. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Catch up:
    New player on Kaladim? Here is what you can do for the next 3 months to be as ready as everyone is for rise of Kunark.
    Learn all the languages, remember that your first Kaladim character needs to do Draconic runes all the way before you get a tablet on Kaladim for alts.
    Do the lore and legend, not the broker style, but actually go out and do them all :)
    Old quests? Manastone, Heritage quests you like Hoo'luh hat, maybe do Godking or Claymore for fun.
    Gear yourself up starting at level 60! Some level 60 gear is better than all gear until final raid gear. Lot's of fun to go through Castle Mistmoor for heroics and epics contested, or broker most of it.
    Get ready for your class Epic weapon! Kunark introduces a class epic questline giving you an epic weapon that will definitely put you on top. There are a ton of prerequisites to do. For example, My Illusionist needs the Hoo'luh hat, so I'll do that since I know I will main my Illy for Kunark.
    In my opinion, getting ready for Kunark is everything. Kunark offers sooooo much fun no matter what your play style. It's where crafters really start making bank, adventurers have lots to do, and the story line was incredibily in depth.
    I agree with someone above who says it will die down for SF, but enjoy the ride until then! Destiny of Velious and Rise of Kunark are why I am here. (Maybe some love to the Shadow Odyssey as well :)

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