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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Vunder, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Vunder Well-Known Member

    I have gotten my 4 priests all to 110 now and was wondering if anyone else has noticed an enormous lack of difference in dps from KA days.

    KA I averaged (ok this is VERY general as I am going to average my Templar, defiler, warden, and channeler) around 200m dps per instance (No ascension).

    At 110 with twice the potency and hovering at 4400cb (60k pot on channeler, 58k on Templar, rest are in starter gear still) I am averaging around 240m dps

    -- The channeler is by far the worse. His tooltip numbers at 60k pot dont even break 1 million dmg on some and just a little over a million on others, with an average critical hit at 32 million. Our dps was based on our bows weapon dmg, that is gone and we don't have the CA's to make up for it.

    --Single target tho, my Templar tears it up...just wish i had epic 2.0 and id swap mains...but im lazy.

    As mentioned in another thread, we need to find a way to let our CA's double attack easier. Its a huge disadvantage to melee based priests vs finger wagglin priests.
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Honestly I can't think of any good reason to have double cast be just for spells. The orginaly idea was to make up for caster's lackof auto-attack. Then casters got auto-attack. Then auto-attack got nerfed into impotence.
    Now casters' (generally harder hitting) spells get to double cast.. and combat arts are left to linger.
    That change seems easy and obvious to me... like having auto-attack stats work for melee, ranged and spell ranged rather then having seperate stats like they used to...
    They obviously don't want to make the change. I doubt they'll ever tell us why though.
  3. Earar Well-Known Member

    easy way is, as u say, to make melee stats affect CAs

    like flurry/MA

    but then what about half casters : bards and crusaders ?

    but on warden (different story), you have no issue with dps ... but we only rely on CAs to proc stuff.

    my damage comes from : Incewater armor - fae - instinct

    that's most of my damage ! period

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