General EQ2 Census Bugs

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    Bah! Folks, you just watch, he's just buttering me up to crush me like a bug later! :p

    Still, I'm glad our projects have found a niche for themselves, even if my market share isn't so good. :oops: Still, to be fair, I started my work on Roster Master for me, which is very different than actually trying to develop a product or service. I needed something to fulfill a want, and when I couldn't find anything quite right, well... I look back at the release notes, and it's been ten years (give or take) I've been working on Roster Master.

    It all made some sort of sense at the time...

    I kinda wish I had more time to invest in Roster Master, as well as the skill to do some of the things I'd like to do, but just can't work out right. Better artwork would be up on that list, a proper raid calendar tool would be another (but I looked at time conversion issues alone and nearly had an aneurism). Still, I'm not unhappy with the effort. It does far more than my teeny guild ever would need, and I learned a ton of transferable skills doing it.

    Never fear, I see no reason to abandon it, as long as the data feed is there it's still useful. And while I have more projects and hobbies going than I could ever have time for, I still enjoy time spent working on it. But, given the priority shifts life has made, end-users will need to be a little more proactive in stating their needs. No feedback and no requests will probably result in neglect! (But at the same time, please be fair, I can't take on major overhauls for the foreseeable future).

    But that's what Open Source is about! Roster Master wasn't originally mine, I inherited this ship from the previous Dread Pirate Roberts...
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