Gear Up, Level Up Week 6 begins tomorrow!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. Arcos Active Member

    When are you going to announce details for week 7 - less than 2 hours in UK before 10 December and nothing so far?
  2. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Would there be a week 7? The xpac launches is less than a week.
  3. Audrel Member

    Do we have a week 7 bonus even with the xpac being released next week? That is the better question.
  4. Arcos Active Member

    I quote the original post "until 11:59 PM PST on December 9, 2020 when the next bonus will begin!" which clearly mentions the next bonus. We still have the best part of a week before the expansion hits and I for one would still appreciate a few more peculiar coins on one or two alts.
  5. Nekre Active Member

    You can easily run 2 runs of experts and have enough for all 3 pieces if you've maxed them on others. Youve had like 5 Doubles and a Triple.
  6. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Plus, the runes are heirloom....
  7. Arcos Active Member

    I'm not a raider, I don't do experts, all I do is the overland name weekly. Sorry if that doesn't fit with your idea of what I should be doing. I'm happy enough to get up to Planar level 3 on one item and a red adornment. So call me lazy.
  8. Nekre Active Member

  9. Arcos Active Member

    The runes may be heirloom but neither the currency nor the shards are. So if I want to help out another alt I can't.
  10. Jaeded Well-Known Member

    Yes I supposed you could just run two runs of experts...easily?.. maybe for some but not for all. Please don't assume that your playtime & experience is the same as others. And for the record I'm good on eth coins but remember past years when I wasn't.
    Anyway I think the point was that Dreamweaver had implied there would be another week of bonuses in his post.
  11. Nekre Active Member

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