Gear Up Level Up 2019 Begins Tomorrow!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Gear Up, Level Up has returned once more! Gear Up, Level Up is a time when bonuses become available throughout Norrath to help adventurers prepare for the season's upcoming expansion. This year, we've got a number of different bonuses slated that will all kick off starting next week!


    Adventuring on a Live Servers, you'll earn triple Ethereal coins from 12:01 AM on October 18, 2019 until 11:59 PM PT on October 29, 2019. During this same time period, All Access Members will also earn double currency. These bonuses will stack, which means members will earn six times the Ethereal currency!

    In addition to these ethereal bonuses, all players on Live Servers will also find themselves earning double Chaos Descending loot drops from 12:00 PM PT (noon) on October 15, 2019 until The end of Gear Up Level Up (Which will be revealed at a later date)! Double loot drops means the final boss in expansion dungeon zones will drop twice as much loot as usual.

    Limited Time item drops can be obtained from Chaos Descending missions crates and will grant you a bonus based off of their type, such as Research Reduction, which will decrease the time remaining to research your currently researching ability. Limited Time items can only exist in your inventory until they expire, so don't forget to use them!

    The first limited time item Research Reduction, will be available from 12:00 PM PT (noon) on October 15, 2019 until 12:00 PM PT (noon) on October 22, 2019 when the next bonus will begin!

    Be sure to use this time wisely as you prepare for continuing adventures in Norrath and the next EverQuest II expansion!
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  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    do we get double coin on Kaladim like last time on Fallen Gate and the member bonus too ?
    we also had the double loot .
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  3. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Sounds super fun! :cool:
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  4. Bludd Well-Known Member

    will there be more to spend our ethereal coins on? people who have been dilligent will have been able to get a lot (if not all) they wanted from this astral gloom coin merchant
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  5. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Which zones is this taking place in ? I'm still rather new here.
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  6. Raff Well-Known Member

    Most of this is for end game. Chaos Descending. Maxing gear & skills to move into the next expac & 10 level increase.
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  7. Sowin New Member

    I only started a couple of months ago. I have no idea what the percentage of players are that haven't leveled to 110.

    But the server population is dwindling. It would have been nice to throw a bone to the <110 people. We also pay sub fees and spend money in the store.
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  8. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    Gear up level up events usually last until expac release with different events each week with the purpose of getting ready for the next expac. In years past there's been a week of x2 exp/status so if they follow suit, there will be something that you'll benefit from as well. This week however, it's to finish out the eth coin event that ends on the 29th
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  9. dreamweaver Community Relations

    GULU is just for live servers this year. I am seeing if I can make something happen for Kaladim as well but that is in the works.
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  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    thanks for the information dreamweaver ans thanks for getting us something too.
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  11. Bobthebuilder89 Member

    Thank you Dreamweaver, we hate being left out!!
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  12. Carynn Well-Known Member

    /crosses fingers for triple guild status/personal status again
  13. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Double Desert of Flames hunters coins starting at 12 noon PT today until 10/29 at 8AM PT.
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  14. Pumpkin Member

    Any chance of double xp for the level up promotion?
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  15. Bobthebuilder89 Member

    Thanks again Dreamweaver!!
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  16. dreamweaver Community Relations

    GULU has many different things over the course of it's timeframe, stay tuned for announcements regarding the future ones.
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  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    sends hugs to dreamweaver :cool: :):D:):D:):D
    And I was wrong about the double coins and double drop on Fallen Gate , it was really on Kaladim only this spring.
    Now I only have to get my toons to 60 lol
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  18. NrthnStar5 Well-Known Member

    Are the triple ethereal coins only for certain missions? I just completed the daily double solo, still only got 2.
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  19. Dude Well-Known Member

    Adventuring on a Live Servers, you'll earn triple Ethereal coins from 12:01 AM on October 18, 2019 until 11:59 PM PT on October 29, 2019.
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  20. NrthnStar5 Well-Known Member

    Of course....
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