Gear from Overseer, level 120

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    I've been trying to keep stock of armors and weapons from the OS quests for characters still too low to use them, which is taking up a lot of bag space. I forget when we started getting level 120 gear, but I see that the gear from the Tishan's crate at the beginning of Svarni has higher resolve than what older level 120 OS gear has. Should I just transmute or sell or what to anything with less resolve, or is there something I am not seeing that RoS OS gear needs that isn't on the VoV gear?
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    You might want to keep 225+ resolve head, cloak, waist, neck, or charm items with ability doublecast. Solo content maxes out at 162 ADC for 100% effective double cast.
    Even those items will only last you at most a week of VoV
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    Always choose the "recruit" titled mission daily, you don't have to fill all the slots on the quest, add the first slot, see what success percent you get, and hit start. You can add a second agent to increase success percentage, or a third. This is the same for every mission I think. Then I usually find the 24hr length missions and run those, you can choose 6h, 12h or 24h. Rewards are based on length of mission, so if you log in once a day, run 24h.