Game Wide Event to visit and pay repspects to Ribbitribbit's World on Guk

Discussion in 'Guide Events' started by ARCHIVED-Airesilme, May 27, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Airesilme Guest

    Hello Norrath! I didn't know where else to post this...but please SoE, Respond. For those that do not know the story, a 6yrs old, terminally ill child, who's character's name was Ribbitribbit...was here in Norrath, and left us all too soon. His story, and the story of all those people from Guk Server, those from other servers that came together to make his wish for a Wonderland in Norrath happen; as well as those from SoE itself that assisted in this endevour...are in ZAM, Youtube and SoE's site.
    I was wondering, if it could be possible..for those of us not on Guk, to view ingame Magiclands, created for Ribbitribbit. It could be like and ingame Event..with perhaps a Portal in Sinking Sands for us to get there. We could ALL contribute to the upkeep in Ribbit's Guild Hall (Lillipad Jungle), and the Island Refuge created for him. We could drop Status and Coin in the doors and keep his memory alive. A testimate to him, those that loved him...and those that didn't even know him; but helped to make it all happen in such a short time.
    We tend to forget that there are REAL people on the other side of avatars in Norrath. We forget that we can touch a life and change it forever; with a random act of kindness. To Ribbitribbit's heart-felt sympathy. To those on Guk and others who helped him realize his dream...You are all truely extraordinary. Perhaps we can all celebrate Ribbit's Memory and others like him, that we have gotten to know imgame; that have left us all too soon.
    What do you all think?
    Nefearia D'Nalta of Freeport Server,
    Proud Family Member of Defiance Guild
  2. ARCHIVED-Blacktalon Guest

    A real nice idea! +1
  3. ARCHIVED-Lyrna Guest

    Absolutely wonderful idea and I also fully support. I'm sure several people would be willing to donate to the door in order to keep open. Let's please keep Ribbitribbit's memory alive and enjoy the place he was so happy in
  4. ARCHIVED-redwoodtreesprite Guest

    Wasn't the last thread asking for an official game event for the sweet boy locked? Please, organize player events, but do not make this an official thing. The last thread had many responses from those who knew players who had died, saying it would be a disrespect to others who had died.
    Don't drag this out, pay your respects as you feel the need, and donate to cancer charities. So perhaps other little ones like this boy might not die.
  5. ARCHIVED-SOE-MOD-02 Guest

    Player run events are a wonderful thing for communities. Let's end this thread with that. Thank you!

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