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Discussion in 'General Priest Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Upheavel, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Upheavel Guest

    Iv been playing the Silver Version for the last 2 months, and im loving it. So i just upgraded to Gold. Before EQ2 was free to play, i had a trial account, with a 17 fury, but at the time, i was like, i wouldnt remember my spells and stuff, so i was gunna remake it, but realized i couldnt on my free to play. So i got Gold. Reason got me interested in a Fury was a level 82 teamed with me on my 38 zerk(well lvl 36 at the time) and we ran Kaladim, well he just screwed peoples stuff right up, i was amazed, i didnt have time to even attack. It looked like he had alot of AoEs, and i love AoEs :) But whats got me in a Warden is my step mom loves her and she just always goes on about it.. I like supporting people also, i did that in WoW and City of Heroes, Tanking, Scrapping, or Healing/Support is my thing, so almost all classes. ITs just ill only like 1 out of the whole selection most likely, im picky like that..
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    I don't really see a question here - but to make a better decision you might try playing the classes in a level-appropriate setting. Anyone mentored or chrono'd down is going to be really powerful in a lower level setting. That's not really the way to decide, IMO.
    Fury does get AoE's, though, and Warden only has one AA based one.
  3. ARCHIVED-Iksar_God Guest

    As Arielle said, anyone who is a higher level mentoring down to a lower level is going to just make a mess of mobs.
    What you said about the fury having alot of AoEs is correct though. We have (with AAs) 2 green back AEs, which hit encounters and technically 3 blue back AEs which hit anything up to I believe 8 targets within range (although with raiding, only one of these AEs is really viable). On top of that, with AAs we have Infusion, which procs roughly 1-2k dmg within a short range every time we cast a beneficial spell. This of course includes heals.
    It boils down to this, if you want to play a druid and melee to do your DPS, a warden is going to be your pick (feel I should mention that wardens typically use 2h weapons when DPSing also). If you want to stand back and cast damage on a mob, you'll go for a fury (as the opposite of wardens, furies typically use a 1h and a shield or similar secondary item). The healing that wardens and furies provide is very similar, although they do have a few different abilities to make the classes not be identical.
  4. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    Honestly, I find it a lot of fun as a fury to duo with a warden, and when playing my warden working with furies. The single target buffs can compliment both, though less now then they used to.
  5. ARCHIVED-KniteShayd Guest

    Main Differences:
    Fury - Caster, Warden - Melee
    Fury - Spike Heals that pump the green bar fast, Warden - Long HoT's that are mana/power conserving and AA's add extra HoT's to main full heals
  6. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    Euri@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Fury - Power Hog Warden - Never Runs Out of power
  7. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    Aneova@Kithicor wrote:
    Every Warden heal is a direct heal that also has a HoT component. Stack those and you handle spike damage with no problem whatsoever, even without the AA enhancement. Those just make them all that much better.
    Both druids use hardly any power if they are healing. Once either one starts nuking, that's when the power gets used. Since Wardens melee, they use less than Furys who nuke. If you are a newer Warden that has never used nukes, only combat arts dust your nukes off and you'll see what I mean. It's easy to find Warden players that will happily just concentrate on healing without dps and almost impossible to find Fury players that will.
    Then when Warden gets either their mythical weapon or epic repercussions buff, power is never an issue. Fury doesn't get that buff with theirs.

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