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Discussion in 'Fury' started by ARCHIVED-Naviata, Sep 7, 2008.

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    I've heard they're both really good classes, but I'm returning after about a year and looking to find a character I can level to 80 as fast as possible so I can relearn the game inside and out. If someone could give me some guidance, or even reccomend another class completely, I'd appreciate it.
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    Naviata wrote:
    This is a contradiction -- if you get to 80 "as fast a possible" you won't "relearn the game inside and out."
    The game's got tons of content at every level. Maxing out fast just means you missed 80% of it. Plus if you level too fast you'll miss a lot of opportunities for AA xp, and you really don't want to pass that up.
    Fury is a very well rounded and popular class, and as such is the 2nd or 3rd most popular in the game right now. It solos very well and is wanted in groups and raids as well, although in those cases the class's popularity works against it at times.
    Warden is another well rounded and popular class, though not as popular as the fury. Still, last I saw the numbers it's the 2nd most popular healer overall, though in the 71+ range there are more templars than wardens.
    As you can see in my sig, I have both a fury *and* a warden, and tbh, other than the ports, the wearing of leather, and the regens for the heals they play completely differently. And for soloing I actually prefer my warden, though you may notice that my fury's in T8 while the warden's in T6 -- the fury's older and spent a lot of time duo'ing with my then-GF's bruiser, though, where my warden was pretty much soloed the where she is before I started focusing on my mages instead. such it the life of an altaholic. . . .
    Sp far as recommending classes go, you've not stated any preference other then speed to level, so.... fury works, warden works.... Necro probably works fastest if you're wanting to solo fast. Beyond that -- I dont' have any idea what to tell you.
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    Are you looking at pvp or pve? Pve I would suggest fury. PVE it depends. If you like to heal and group go with warden. Even solo they are very nice. I hear furies are fine at higher lvl pvp but from my experience I would disagree. Lower lvl pvp furies all the way. They rock until T7-8.
    In the end pick one you enjoy and you will lvl fast enough. If you do not enjoy your character lvl'ing will be a chore and a pain.

    I like my fury pve but pvp.. I suck solo and enjoy my troub or swashi or monk.
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    I have furies and wardens (yeah more than one each) and like them for different reasons. I always like the melee priests for solo purposes so choose that AA path on my wardens and other priests that can do it. My highest is a 59 fury and 56 warden, so I've done a lot of the same quests and mobs on them. They are similarly equipped and spell quality--not exact but similar. From my own experience, my fury can usually kill faster (especially a single mob) but my warden seems to be better at surviving because of my AA build. My warden spends a lot less time healing himself because of the Str line. (For some reason the warden gets the group root and the fury doesn't, which is a big downside when soloing grouped mobs on the fury.)

    As an example, the live event boat ride for the ROK expansion last year I found a lot easier on my wardens with all the grouped mobs. I recently did the Court of Blades ring event quest (can't recall name, you get it once you have enough faction to get inside) and had to do it two or three times to survive on my fury (the animal form AA saved me finally when I got it); warden was a cakewalk. Just because of the melee aspect I prefer my warden in general (plus the run buff and evac are nice, but then fury invis and pact of the cheetah helps a lot for 100% run speed increase in an emergency).

    I agree with necromancer as a good solo, and they do get a player heal and a rez spell so can fill in as an emergency healer. And with Tainted Heals done right I was surprised I could solo an even con heroic (Stiletto at 25) once I figured out how to take advantage of the timing. He's still in the 20s but I've always heard they do great.

    I'd suggest browsing the other class boards as well, there is almost always someone asking about how well a class solos and you can get a feel there.

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