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Discussion in 'Fury' started by ARCHIVED-Gop, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Gop Guest

    With EoF and AA starting at lvl10 now I decided to make an alt fury.. main is a swashy.

    Was wondering for purely PvP if ppl would recommend starting with the EoF AA or the Druid AA tree first and which route ppl who PvP mainly prefer.

    Thanks much!
  2. ARCHIVED-Radigazt Guest

    I PvP all the time, and IMHO the EoF (Fury) lines are better than the KoS (Druid) lines. There are some nice things in each, but overall you get more bang for your buck going the Fury lines. Some favorites are the Energy line for more DPS and the first two powers of the Anamalist line for the in-combat runspeed u get from the enhanced Predator spells. I also like the Hindering line for the enhanced Root and Snare spells.
    Of the KoS (Druid) lines, the Intelligence (Stormcaller) line is very nice for the added critical chance, and the Stamina line is nice for the improved Focus and other goodies.
    I'd suggest putting your points in the EoF (Fury) lines first. One thing to remember though, once you put them into any of the EoF (Fury) lines, when you respec them they cannot be transferred to the KoS (Druid) lines, and vice versa. So have a solid plan for what you want before you start. If you do it right, you can get 15 or so AA points by the mid 20's, although it requires a lot of work to do it right.
    If you are pvp'ing, consider turning off your adventure xp periodically at certain levels. Locking your xp will let you get all the nameds and gather your masters and gear which makes PvP more fun IMHO. You can buy Mastercrafted gear fairly cheaply and it's on par with very good quested stuff. Your money goes a long way at the lower tiers. Also, there is more PvP at the lower levels than at the higher levels ... I find T3 and T4 to be my favorites to PvP. Both T5 and T6 are too sparsely populated to be enjoyable for me (waste all your time looking for targets). To me, T7 tends to be large multi-group hordes or raids roaming around wiping people or small groups that are nowhere near their match (greens, greys, people engaged with tough mobs, or when the attacker outnumbers the attacked by at least 3 to 1). Whenever they are faced with an even fight, it's almost certain that one group will evac/run/cloud/portal etc. away. Also, to compete in T7 you really need to join a raid guild and get lots of raid gear. The Devs have chosen to make the raid gear far superior to the Mastercrafted stuf in T7, so you will always be undergeared unless you raid. Not my cup of tea.
  3. ARCHIVED-Theodrec Guest

    I have done the very same thing - created a druid alt for pvp and aa's post EoF. To start I have gone for all speed buffs. The great thing about fury speed is it is in-combat. I started with peerless predator enhancement, when it was maxed I filled the in-combat buff in the wisdom line. In-combat speed allows you to dictate your pvp fights and escape pve.

    Next I went with Int from the druid line to max spell crit. Reason is, many of the Fury enhancements are for abilities I do not even have yet. You can get AA's so fast now, especially if you do the entier Gfay quest line upon reaching lvl 10.

    Once the druin in-combat is filled I will go back to fury lines; for dps and root.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gop Guest

    Well I went and got Peerless Predator first 5/5.

    Now I am working to get INT 4/4/8/8

    After playing for a bit I think I really want 8 in Focus and Disruption(Stormvision)

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  5. ARCHIVED-Mimzel Guest

    My take on the matter is that the fury tree is very damage oriented, while the druid tree is more healing oriented. From the druidtree I would prioritize healcrit and hot cycle, while id go dot, root, snare, dd and aoe on fury tree.

    I went the fury tree first because i needed instant gratification - the fury tree gives you something usefull right away, while I feel I have to spent lots of point in the druid tree on things i dont want just to get to step 3 or 4 of a line which I find to be useful.

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